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Description Freiwurst steht für freie Wurst in der realen Welt.

Wir verstehen frei als umsonst, nicht kommerziell, im Besitz der Freiwurst Assembly und unvegetarisch.

Members Apex, Arnulf, GeileTina, Jabdoa, Jisi, Oni, Quoteneger, Shortround, Xif
Projects Cyberthingy, Wurstshooter, Wurstvote
There Is No Game Tinglogo.png
Self-organized Sessions Cyberthingy
Related to Assembly KinkyGeeks, Freifunk, Berndcon
Tags free networks, non commercial, open access, freedom of communication, wireless community, education, wurst, food, friends, programming, cyberthingy
Registered on 16 November 2016 14:25:44
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes we will offer a hands-on and a daily workshop with our new cyberthingy.
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Orga contact
Brings we will bring a bunch of different kinds of Freiwurst. Last year we only had one kind. But this year we even have a real vegan Freiwurst. If we are lucky we might even get some Bärchenwurst.
Projects cyberthingy
Uses money no money handling
Plays TING yes
Plays TING skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 10
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want quiet place, want sit in background, want low light, special requirements network
Planning notes a wired network connection is needed for our cyberthingy workshop and the wurst shooter
past congress review last year we had a space beside the kinky geeks at one of the heaven entrances (Level 2 near the NOC). If we could get this place again it would be awesome for out planed workshop.


We offer Freiwurst to the congress participants. Our goal is to get other Freiwurst Groups started and have Freiwurst access points all over the world. Think of a world, where you go to another country or city and get not only Freiwurst but also Free Freiwurst. What could be better than surfing the Internet and enjoying a delicious Freiwurst for free.

As a future project there might even be a pork free Freiwurst distribution. Since we are a small active group, we will possibly have to limit the feeding a bit and only give out a limited amount of Free Freiwurst per day.

This year we will also present the cyberthingy. You may not know what it is but after you have tried it, you will love it.