Die "LAZ0R" Banden CATS

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Description We are the first comoona to exist. We are a fusion of Die Bande and "LAZ0R" CATS.
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Tags Comoona, No Game, Thereisnogame, Die Bande, "LAZ0R" CATS
Located at assembly Freifunk
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We are a fusion of Die Bande and "LAZ0R" CATS.


Name Skill Contact Bunch Comment
ablackack organize DECT 7991, @ablackack Die Bande
jakob communicate DECT 4002, Twitter @JackTheRipla Die Bande
baldo design DECT 7800, @baldo, Matrix / riot.im: @baldo:toppoint.de "LAZ0R" CATS Beratungsstelle for Formularangelegenheiten at the Freifunk-Infotresen
Marin analyse Matrix / riot.im: @marinn:matrix.org "LAZ0R" CATS
trilader construct DECT 7845, @trilader, Matrix / riot.im: @trilader:matrix.org "LAZ0R" CATS
simon invent DECT 4951,Matrix / riot.im: @simvirgon:matrix.org "LAZ0R" CATS

Keys (please update carrier)

  • "LAZ0R" CATS: cali
  • Die Bande: ablackack

Items (please update carrier)

Orange Sign Cards

  • 4 Sign Cards - jakob

Puzzle Pieces

Pieces returned to Travel Agency:

But Why?

We were at the lounge in the late evening of Day 2/early morning of Day 3. There we inserted our keys in the keyholes at the fountain with the blue Mate. After some bright flashes from a big strobe lamp we were told to come to the travel agency to get some new informations. Our Groups are since then merged together and the name of our comoona was created by the people at the travel agency.