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Contact Erik Albers
Description Welcome to the Noisy Square, the central meeting space for politics involving technology and vice versa. We are differing political organisations that fight and stand together for users freedom, for the freedom of speech, thoughts and technology.

We are noisy to help channelling the voice of the people towards politics. We are noisy to produce background noise and help safeguard our individuals. We are noisy to stand up and show that we care. We are noisy because if we are not, no one else will be.

Come to our square and join us in being Noisy!

Members Amm, Eal, Jackhammer, Metalgamer, ZombB
Projects Wau Holland Foundation
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Related to Assembly Free Software Foundation Europe, GNUNet & pEp
Tags crypto, politics, critical, radical, discussion, censorship, activism, journalism, circumvention, security, privacy, freedom of information, freedom of speech, encryption, usability, open source, end-to-end, peer-to-peer, encryption, free software, free society, gnu, gpl, gnupg, open standards
Registered on 18 November 2016 12:45:14
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Brings This is a cluster of many sub-assemblies. The noisy square itself will not bring something or need space itself or create something itself. It will be the members (the subassemblies) of the Noisy Square who bring and create.
Projects As said, this is just the page of a cluster to give a place for its subassemblies.
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Assembly specification
Planning notes Please give us the same square that we used to had the past years, directly at the first escalator, the first level. Thank you!
past congress review Please give us the same square that we used to had the past years, directly at the first escalator, the first level. Thank you!




Tuesday, 27.12

18:00 Privacy by default with pretty Easy privacy (p≡p) - Hernani Marques, Padeluun, Nana Karlstetter - Hall B

Wednesday, 28.12.

11:45 A walk through the inner core of pEp - Krista Bennett - Hall B

13:00 Wikidata query and visualization - Greta Doçi - Room C4

14:00 Clean Slate Networking in an Adversarial World: Simple, Secure, Private Communication using MinimaLT - Jon A. Solworth and Janosch Rux - Hall B

15:00 Implications of the EU copyright reform on Free Software - Polina Malaja - Room C4

15:00 HoneyBadger: Quantum Insert Recorder - David Stainton - Hall B

15:20 Xolotl : A compact mixnet format with stronger forward secrecy and hybrid anonymity - Jeff Burdges Hall B

15:40 I2P - str4d - Hall B

16:00 NewPipe - Chris Schabesberger - Room C2

16:10 Decentralized PKI - Bogdan Kulynych - Hall B

16:40 Towards Distributed Online Voting - Robert Riemann - Hall B

17:00 What makes a secure mobile messenger? - Hannes Hauswedell - Hall 13-14

17:10 Permission to chat? (n+1)sec and the challenges of decentralized authorization in secure multi-party chat systems - Richard King - Hall B

17:30 ChaosVPN - - Hall B

17:50 Source IP spoofing for anonymization over UDP - Kirils Solovjovs - Hall B

18:15 net2o: from works for me to works for you + how to onion route net2o - Bernd Paysan - Hall B

18:00 The user-friendly guide to mobile freedom - Erik Albers - Hall 13-14

19:15 Panel on opportunistic email encryption - Holger Krekel (Autocrypt), Krista (pEp), Neal Walfield (GPG) - Hall B

19:00 Veripeditus AR Game Framework - Dominik George - Room C4

20:00 "My" software, like "my" hand or like "my car"? - Olga Gkotsopoulou - Room C4

20:30 Business in Free Software - methods and best practice - Sam Tuke - Hall 13-14

21:30 Prototype Fund - 1.2 Million Euros for Free Software Projects - Elisa Lindinger & Eileen Wagner - Hall 13-14

Thursday, 29.12.

14:00 Gender diversity in the Free Software community - Greta Doçi + Jan-Christoph Borchardt - Hall 13-14

16:00 The Federation - Tobias Diekershoff - Hall 13-14

17:00 Design in Free Software & Open Source - Elio Qoshi + Jan-Christoph Borchardt - Room C1

20:30 Are decentralized services unable to innovate? - Hanno Böck - Hall 13-14


Tuesday, 27.12.

19:30 Radio Lockdown Directive: coordinating future steps - Max Mehl - Room C3

Thursday, 29.12.

13:00 DSM, EIF, RED: Acronyms on the EU level and why they matter for software freedom - Polina Malaja - Room C1


Thursday, 29.12.

13:30 GNU Taler workshop - Christian Grothoff, Florian Dold, Marcello Stanisci - Hall A.1

16:00 Proof-of-Personhood party - Linus Gasser and Jovanovic Philipp - Hall A.1

17:00-19:00: Meine erste IFG-Anfrage - Arne Semsrott - Room 13-14