Local Crop Processing Project

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Description This project is focusing on optimization of crop growing, harvesting and processing in the country side using both new&old technologies and more.
Has website https://foodhackingbase.org/wiki/Local_crop_processing_project_FAA
Persons working on Algoldor
Tags countryside, community, hacking
Located at assembly Foodhackingbase
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This project is focusing on using crop resources in the countryside by optimizing the way how they are handled. There will be more info here, for detailed information please check the project pages.

During the congress we have managed to obtain processional apple crasher/masher and hydraulic press, both sourced from Zaubertrank, which is a "must" if you are into fermentation (community, cultures, knowledge, shop ...). We have got lovely apples on the Hamburg Fish Markt which are originating in Altes Land one of the oldest and most famous apple growing region in Central Europe. We got around 80 kg of apples, 1/3 or so were the sour varieties. We have done three runs using the masher in all cases and combining hydro press and small manual press. The best mix seemed something like 3/4 of sweet varieties with 1/4 of sour ones. We have also made a nice "mate infusion" let it cool and blend it later on with the juice, worked very well for long distance driving (except the need to go for toilet). At the end we did over 50 l of juice or so, using plastic bottles only because of safety reasons.

All in all, the apple processing at the event was really nice and we would definitely like to repeat it on the future events, it is a great fun activity especially for the kids.