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Contact Jiska
Description ham radio assembly of D23, Chaoswelle and other friendly hams.
Members DL1OLE, Dancingfo, Dg1vs, Esenneddy, F1r3, Hasi, Hax404, Isabel, JensNDS, Jiska, LS, MiGri, Oscar, Pylon, SQUelcher, Swaio, Tny, TraXo, VT100, Xoration, ZaphodB
Projects TOTA📡🚽
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Tags radio, hamradio, hamnet, wireless community, hf, communication, sdr, electronics, dmr
Registered on 15 November 2016 22:58:41
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Self-organized session notes LIVE ShortWave Ham Radio, UHF/VHF Radio/Repeater and Digital Radio (DMR) activity, SDR Introduction, What is ham radio, building stuff
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Orga contact
Brings lots of radio stuff, we will build and operate three LIVE amateur radio station (shacks)
Uses money no money handling
Plays TING no
Plays TING skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 23
Extra seats 10
Assembly specification special requirements other stated below
Planning notes we need the place close to the roof antenna outlet, same as last year
past congress review same place as last year required, no other place possible


This assembly will be a go-to point for everyone interested in amateur (ham) radio. We are a bunch of friendly radio amateurs who will gladly answer your questions around our hobby. There will be three radio stations which will be operated live and licensed visitors can use the stations as well.


  • FM: 433,625 MHz 123,0 Hz CTCSS
  • DMR: Brandmeister TG26223
    • Statically linked on TS2 at DB0FS for the duration of 33C3
    • 439,5625 / 431,9625 MHz (-7,6 MHz)
    • CC 1
    • TS 2

Other Repeaters near CCH:

  • DB0FS / 439,5625 -7,6 / D-STAR
  • DB0HMB / 439,450 -7,6 / DMR+
  • DB0HHA / 438,725 -7,6 / Analog
  • DB0HHA / 145.725 -0,6 / Analog

Other DMR repeaters providing static links of TG26223@TS2 during 33C3:

  • DB0TU / Berlin / 439.575 -7.6 / CC1 / info


We will set up antennas on the rooftop of the CCH and transceivers at a table inside the building. You can use some of the equipment brought by other members of the assembly or bring your own equipment! Especially if you built your own antennas, transceivers or software for special purposes. There will be soldering irons and a lot of electronic equipment (and if not at that table, somewhere else in the building will be exactly that one transistor you just need). There is a checklist of our equipment we will bring and use at 33C3.

We can set up a club station with a fancy callsign (DA0CCC), which is well tested during several contests – everyone on the world will listen up, when there is a Charly Charly Charly station calling! And some of the participants own an educational callsign, so that even interested people can do their first chat on a ham radio frequency.

It would be great to work with different Digimodes and having QSOs with operators from all over the world without using the Internet. Or, let's set up a QRP WSPR station with a Raspberry Pi.


The place will also be used for workshops. This can be basic explanations about Ham Radio or using a transceiver. Or even more extended topics on your pet project. If you think, your workshop fits best in this location, just leave a note.


There are some ideas for projects we can do during 33C3. This is just a list, which can be extended with your own project:

Self organized sessions

We will also be the location for some self organized ham radio sessions with various topics. Details will be announced as we know them.