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Description Pixelated is a modern privacy-preserving webmail solution for organizations.
Has website https://pixelated-project.org/
Persons working on Varac, Vee, Zara
Tags encryption, email, security, self-hosting, pixelated
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Pixelated makes email encryption simple. While encryption tools can be cumbersome and difficult to learn, Pixelated offers a seamless user experience, a practical response to mass surveillance and an alternative to current centralized email applications.

Email is the most popular internet application, with billions of users sending billions of messages each day. Initially designed to have a decentralized protocol, “free” email services offered by giant corporations have centralized almost half of the world’s email content and metadata in one country, making it subject to the laws and surveillance habits of that country.

Pixelated is a software distribution that will make it easier than ever before for organisations to implement a secure email solution, with a user-friendly interface that individuals will be able to intuitively understand. It offers end-to-end encryption, free and open source, without the software installation requirements and keys that often confuse individuals in order to encourage the mass adoption that will make mass surveillance more difficult and expensive.

Not only can you use this email solution, but you can examine the code and you can help improve it over time.

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