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Description Team page of 33tea3 or 33☕3.
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Located at assembly Tea House
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Name Skill Contact Comment
Douglas care DECT 3923
Jens #1 communicate
Jana translate
Ertan mediate
Philippe translate DECT 7529
Markus focus DECT 3346
Claudia organise 7163
Geno analyse 3911 / 3292
Oliver invent 5621
Jens #2 pioneer Knows Elymas

Story Line


The paper was decoded by team There Is No Name (https://pad.riseup.net/p/r.c63e17fd018852dd47781787b933fe84). Here is just a copy from what they posted on Imgur:

Welcome paper.jpg

Day 1

Passcode of the day: TALE (on the hint paper)

Philippe registered on Day 1, but didn't really join a team. He decided to go to talks and walk around. This is his first CCC Congress.

Day 2

Passcode of the day: FUSION

Philippe walked to the Travel Agency at lunch time, and met a group of people forming a team. The organiser was Claudia (skill: organise). We soon decided to go to the tea house and have a cup of tea, then came up with the team name -- 33☕3. Claudia put our name in the registration book of No Game with beautiful paintings of ☕.

We tried "TALE" everywhere and it didn't do, as we didn't know the passcode changes everyday. Lot of time spent...

We didn't know the Travel Agency gave "the first hint of the day" every morning.

Finding the monoliths

Douglas and other people decoded the alphabet system, and we went to find all the monoliths. Our list of monoliths is here: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/12033869ed2525fa17dd533c0531c74b

  • Translate: GF1, Moc
  • Communicate: RF2, quadrature du net
  • Pioneer: H3/H4 (Out of Order)
  • Focus: zw. Stratum + Lötstation
  • Mediate: H2 Lvl 3
  • Design: Saal G
  • Invent: ZF 1, KidsSpace
  • Mediate: ZF 2, weiße Bubbel
  • Create: ???
  • Construct: RF1, oben bei MOC Treppe, Richtung Bar
  • Organize: RF1, oben bei MOC Treppe, Richtung Bar

And there are several non-monolith terminals and clues,

  • Nameless lock at Bällebad -Tunnel entry near the window - Solution: Langstrumpf
  • Nameless lock at Telefoncell (with a litte numbercode) near Infodesk
  • PC: Infodesk
  • CRT: beim Tee oben
  • Terminal?: RF 1, Eing. 1, right of rotblaue Schnur an der Decke
  • Terminal?: RF 1, "LOVE", bei dem Totenkopf, hinter dem Papagei
  • Schild "Haladriel": Bobbycarparkplatz
  • Terminal?: In the Lounge x2
  • Terminal?: In the private Room


We realised our team is not fully skilled (with 9 types of skills), so we recruited Oliver and Martin Geno.

Dumping the key

Oliver worked on reading the content of the key (mount /dev/sda /mnt). It's a vfat with only 3 files.

game.key contains


solution.txt contains the message

Willkommen, Hacker*innen! Ihr habt den USB-Stick erfolgreich ausgelesen. Wäre dies ein Spiel, hättet ihr eventuell gewonnen. Aber wir wissen ja: Es gibt kein Spiel.

Mit dem Inhalt des Schlüssels könnt ihr tun, was ihr wollt. Ohne den Inhalt des Schlüssels verunmöglicht ihr jedoch eurer gesamten Bande die Bewegung. Achtet also gut darauf!

m3.jpg is the portrait of Yvan Attal.


Bist du meine Mama???

Martin Geno (?) inserted the key to a random monolith (we chose "care") and typed the passcode of the day, and we got the message:

cosmic cable
call 234237


Philippe dialed with his DECT phone, and a male answered.

- Hello? Is there No Game?
- No Game? No Game?

Philippe passed the phone to Claudia, a native German speaker. Then the male on the other end said,

- "Hallo. Bist du meine Mama??? Ahhhhhhh!"


We thought it's something about Dr. Who, and rushed to find the blue telephone cabin in the assembly. However, it's a false clue.

We went to the kidspace, and try to find something there. We found 42 (which doesn't do anything). We accidentally solved something in Bällebad in the kidspace, the answer was langatrumpf.

We spent a lot of time here, until Douglas went and asked the Travel Agency, who said it's not the expected audio file...

Right audio file

They said the number 234237 was right, but Audio file was wrong. The correct audio file (a 7 minute waiting loop, and a web address) leads to a CTF. And now the really GOOD NEWS: That CFT starts with a program written in Elymas. We're given the text directly, which was "CTF http://www.stoptellingstories.de/".


People wanted to join activities and Philippe had a talk in Saal 6. After the talk, he met Marin of Die "LAZ0R" Banden CATS. He listened to what the Travel Agency told them and there seemed to be a gathering. However, it's in German. As a lame translator, Philippe doesn't translate German at all...

Philippe also found many people posting bills in the Travel Agency, such as ...

Bills in travel agency.jpg

Day 3

World is not fair, as we have the developer of Elymas in our team! (grin)

Passcode of the day: WORKS FOR ME


We gathered at the tea corner again and try to solve the Elymas CTF. By using the code that Douglas found at a 32C2 write-up (https://blukat29.github.io/2015/12/32c3ctf-ey_or/), Philippe brute-forced it and found this key sequence:

115, 176, 16, 228, 218, 154, 162, 185, 99, 95, 4, 107, 228, 38, 110, 0

By entering the key sequence, we got the lyrics of a song.

Sing, sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Sing of good things not bad
Sing of happy not sad.
Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last
Your whole life long
Don't worry that it's not
Good enough for anyone
Else to hear
Just sing, sing a song.
Sing, sing a song
Let the world sing along
Sing of love there could be
Sing for you and for me.
Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last
Your whole life long
Don't worry that it's not
Good enough for anyone
Else to hear
Just sing, sing a song.

However, this is NOT the answer!!! Jens figured out this was in 32C3 CTF, as a reverse Elymas. The process was too complicated to understand, so Jens gave the answer:

"Congratulations you decoded no flag! The flag relavant part of this flag is: the power lies in the structure. organise"


We spent a lot of time at the monolith of organise. Markus found a cut line and an unpowered Arduino Mega at the back or organise. Philippe powered it up with power bank and a USB A connector; however, it led us to nowhere.

Philippe went to the Travel Agency and got the answer --- The story line goes forward, and we are already in the next day. We were supposed to solve the Elymas puzzle yesterday. So we don't need the capsule and the power in organise anymore ...

Orange Card

It seemed that our team wasn't running this story line. However, Oliver has found something. Das angehängte Zeichen lag auf dem Tardis in Halle 3.

Orangecardinhall3 1.jpg


After typing the passcode "WORKS FOR ME" in any terminal, we got the response "Bring the Scissors to Tavern". We found a girl with very big scissors, and brought her to the tavern. The girl didn't tell us anything, but asked if we want to keep the sausages. We refused, and she disappeared.

There was a Raspberry Pi connected to an old white-black portal TV. However, we don't know how to use it. The password is not WURST nor WUERSTE.

Later on, another team came and robbed the scissors ("Can you give me your scissors? - Why not?") and some other guy took the sausages.

Summoned to the lounge

Suddenly, there was a message from Travel Agency calling all teams to the lounge to find the QR Code. We found very hard, but just couldn't find anything.

There was a blue pond in the lounge, where a hidden key hole was located behind one of the numbers. Someone from another team turned his key, and the spotlight flashed white. A girl came and distributed pieces of paper with QR Code, which decodes to the URL:


Ganz oben liest jemensch

During the break, Markus and Philippe felt quite boring and decided to find something. They found words on a treadmill saying "ganz oben liest jemensch". However, it didn't bring them anywhere...

Feeling bad, they went to the Travel Agency and the girls at desk asked them to think backwards. Markus had this idea of inputting "works for me" backwards, and got at least 2 different messages. First a pastebin: http://pastebin.com/raw/t20Lbpbx ; then a mission.

The pastebin reads,

mei travelers

the first step on your self-made path is taken. you have formed a cluster.
it is time to describe by which means you will travel:
we ask you to express a self-conception, to write it down.
this can take any linguistic form and language you prefer, be it a long text, some questions or bullet points.
Additionally, please determine a sentence to represent your cluster.
Here are some questions to help your process.

what do you share?
how do you come to decisions that concern everybody?
how do you create movement?

tale your self-conception and sentence in the book of bunches at the travel agency.

there is no need to travel alone
to shape our coming journey is our common task


mei reisende

der erste schritt auf dem pfad, den ihr anlegt, ist getan. ihr habt euch zu einer bande zusammengefunden.
jetzt gilt es, zu beschreiben, mit welchen mitteln ihr diese gemeinsame reise antretet:
um euch gegenseitig erkennen zu können, braucht es ein selbstverständnis.
das kann ein langer text sein oder aus fragen oder einzelnen stichpunkten bestehen - in der sprache, in der es euch am einfachsten fällt.
zusätzlich formuliert bitte einen satz, der eure bande repräsentiert.
hier drei fragen zur orientierung.

was teilt ihr?
wie trefft ihr entscheidungen, die alle betreffen?
wie erzeugt ihr bewegung?

talt euer selbstverständis im großen bandenbuch beim reisebüro.

there is no need to travel alone.
to shape our coming journey is our common task

The missions were at least

  • Go to Hall 3 and solder
  • Find the queen who is fully covered (we asked other team, and they said they found the cover and became the queen)

However, we didn't do anything.

Hatter's No-Birthday

We met Hatter saying he's gonna celebrate his no-birthday.

From a piece of paper in the Travel Agency, Oliver knew we got to prepare for his no-birthday with the following items: napkin, tea, tea pot, plant, candle, and cake.

People gathered at 8pm near the Tavern, and celebrated Hatter's no-birthday.


Ertan and Claudia got a stick of "dynamite" (and the other groups too). Every group got One. Every stick has a number (0 or 1) and a letter on it. We have to build a word and then get a binary number. The Code revealed when it was used in the lounge.

follow the bang bang
crash the bar


There were new clues and new papers in the Travel Agency every day and night. Here's what I got.

Midnight day 3.jpg

And two other pieces of paper led people to the Utopia.

Day 4

Passcode of the day: no passcode, just turn the key.

Everyone was tired and wanted to at least attend some talks.

Markus found there was a secret room in the lounge, lock-code 1234, with a book in the room where one could leave the name.

The end

Martin Geno was the last one who played the game. He sent two pictures.

Geno 1.jpg

Geno 2.jpg

Random Puzzles

We were randomly given puzzles in envelops. Not really sure what we would do with them. Other team was collecting the puzzles.

Puzzles in envelops.jpg

After game

We decided the only way to "win" the game is to change the rules. Hence, we asked team members to give their contact address, and send the key around along with a tiny gift. Hopefully we will get the key back in 34C3.

What was not there

After checking the write-ups in NoGameInformation, it seemed our team wasn't in the following lines:

  • Day 1, Skill assemblies
  • Day 1, Invent a new language to introduce ourselves
  • http://imgur.com/a/Bjhmn But we saw the Hatter with his big key.
  • http://runga.me/
  • Hidden text in 33C3 ticket
  • Day 1, everything, namely the Elf, GalacticHub, Brunnen, etc.
  • Day 1, the answer is 42
  • Day 2, Fibonacci, but that leads to the CTF anyway ...
  • Cheshire Cat
  • SDR challenge
  • Sniff 33C3 GSM
  • 03012085322 (decoded from the piece of paper that could be encoded to a QR Code) We saw the paper but didn't do anything with it.
  • Lavabikes (however, we saw people riding on a Lavabike)
  • Morse Code
  • Day 4, baby rockets (http://pastebin.com/raw/HHc6pQ7S)
  • Day 4, Sorrowmorne
  • Day 4, Suitecase
  • Day 4, ThereIsNoLan