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Description Exhibition and Workshop: C.P. Stirns Geheim-Camera. A spy cam from 1885! The Deutsche Technikmuseum Berlin will loan us the original "C.P. Stirn's Photographische Geheimkamera" from 1885. It will be exhibited permanently during the 33c3! Wohoo! In the associated workshop we will build our own 'Geheimkamera' out of cardboard and glue including our smartphone. Join us on DAY2 !!
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Persons working on Aramba, Nadjalien
Tags geheimkamera, secret, spy, cam, surveillance, überwachungskamera
Located at assembly Foyer
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In order to keep an eye on the Social Democrats, police officals used the latest technology, such as this spy camera produced in 1886. With the camera it was possible to take a picture through a buttonhole. The police wore the 'Geheimkamera' as a necklace hidden under their uniform. In the Geheimkamera Workshop we want to rebuild the secret spy cam from 1890 out of cardboard with our smartphones, because High Tech from the next to last century is still up to date and looks pretty cool!