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Description The swiss army knife for quick and easy developement of MIDI applications. Possible applications are everything that uses MIDI.
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Tags MIDI, Microcontroller, Controller
Located at assembly Chaos West, HaSi
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uMIDI is a small general purpose micro-controller board built to receive, forward and send MIDI messages accompanied by a (soon to become ;-) quite sophisticated software library / framework. You can use uMIDI for virtually everything you can think of involving (but not limited to) MIDI:

   MIDI merging / splitting
   MIDI controllers (trigger pads, pedals, sequencers, ...)
   MIDI-controllable devices (Guitar/Bass/Synth effects, possibly visual effects)
   and the list goes on...

The board is also equipped with a mini USB port, which in conjunction with the serial communication module allows you to connect the board to your PC as a character device.