Anarchist Village

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Description A place to come for (Crypto-) Anarchists and Cypherpunks from all over the world. We love politics, tech, discussion, friendship and everything in between.
Members Azet, Dr Whax, Fumiko, Houndbee, Kali, Kwadronaut, Maxigas, Mdik, Mfb, Onionmx, Pedro, Revo, Scribe, Varac, Webmind, Ymca
Projects Gǎi Dào, Human-Sized Faraday Cage, IT-Kollektiv, LEAP
There Is No Game Tinglogo.png
Self-organized Sessions AI: He will be amazed if he stays dead! - Der wird sich wundern, wenn er tot bleibt!, An UnCivilization Commune ReWilded Life Shared with Squirrels, ComputerSaysNo, Der 33 Jahrerückblick: Technology and Politics in Congress Talks, from 1984 to now -- Post-Lecture Discussion!, Freedom fries - a discussion about Big-Data, Facebook and cambridge analytica claiming to have made Trump president of the US, German Prison, Internet cencorship in Belarus, Introduction Into Anarchism, LEAP/Bitmask Hand-on Workshop, Onionmx, OpenOversight, OpenPGP use cases beyond email, Schleuder v3
Related to Assembly QueerFeministGeeks, Anarchist Black Cross
Tags anarchism, politics, linux, noisy square, punk, antifa, crypto, cypher punk, crypto anarchist, digital rights, anticapitalism
Registered on 13 November 2016 12:08:04
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Note: The location on the map does not represent a reservation of a location and might not represent the actual place, where a assembly can be found. The place can be changed within the form of the assembly by anyone. It will be updated by the assembly itself on day 0 or day 1 as soon as the actual location is known.
Orga contact
Brings Modular synths

A faraday-booth/cage? PA Stuff for decoration (couple of ledpars) dancing cameras

Uses money no money handling
Plays TING yes
Plays TING skills {{{Plays ting skills}}}
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 100
Extra seats 25
Assembly specification want sit public
Planning notes could we have 5 sofas please? :)

Would it be possible to get POTS line from eventphone?

past congress review we would like to have the space as last year: level two besides the stairways (not the space in front of the stairways, this used to be space for the NGOs which are NOT part of anarchist village)