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If you want to have your own village create a wiki page using this template or form and you are done. And/or you can simply use our ExampleVille as starting point.

A village is a distinct area of the Camp that is run by a certain group or community. There is no central planning for the villages, besides villages with a special infrastructural need.

Some villages are just a bunch of normal sleeping tents whose inhabitants feel a sense of community. Most of them have a public space to hang out together, work on a shared project, and present what they are doing. Many of them organize their own workshops or other events in which everybody can participate.


  • If you are interested in a specific area, set the location in the village template. But in the end you will have to come early and place your tent appropriately.
  • If you want to bring something big like a 25m² tent please mention it on your village page so that we can get an idea of the size of your village.
  • We will rent out big tents, tables, and chairs - see Rent a Tent for further information, prices, etc.

List of our Villages

VillageName Description expected Population registered Population
/dev/camp The village of Erfa Ulm, /dev/space and /dev/radio. 88 -10 44
ACKspace Village of hackerspace ACKspace 33 33
Ak-vorrat The village welcomes everybody who does not like to be suspected by government without any cause. Everybody, who is not a follower of that "our data are safe"-religion is heartly welcome, too. 1010 -12 00
AquaVille AquaVille is a nice and cozy International* village 5.55.5 44
Area42 Swiss Chaos Village 2323 99
Aussenstelle511 village of c3h (leitstelle511). will be a part of the big milliways camp. 1414 1010
Avalon Village of the people around projekt avalon 88 -10 00
Awesome Retro Gaming Village If you're into retro gaming you're at the right place. We welcome you to our dome of infinite retro games and entertainment. :) We're situated in the H_x^2 village, you can find us next to the giant Pacman. 44 -30 55
Big Whoop Village of CCC-Goettingen (Göttingen) 1010 -13 1515
Bitcoin sofa A sofa in the hardware hacking tent where one can discuss the topic of Bitcoin Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. 11 44
Blackout Resilient Technologies Village This village is for Blackout Resilient Technologies such as infrastructure mesh networks for use when the 'normal' networking infrastructure or electricity is down or swiched off, such as after natural disasters or when regimes activate a 'kill switch' to shut off the internet or cellular network in an attempt to thwart the mobilization of opponents or activists. 2020 -30 77
BlinkenArea homebuilt LED displays and other blinking electronic devices 55 -10 22
Brmlab Brmlab is hackerspace located in Prague. 1111 11
Buddycloud square buddycloud is an open social network.

If you have questions about buddycloud or feel like doing some open social network hacking, drop in for afternoon coffee and a chat.

5PM: daily workshop to get you setup and running a buddycloud node.

DECT hotline: bcSq (92277)
1010 88
BulgariaEmbassy Bulgaria embassy.

- ELWIX embedded systems - software, networks solutions and other hacks

- other things ...
44 -6 22
Bytewerk The bytewerk is Ingolstadt's first hackerspace and also serves as a home for the local chaostreff, 1010 55
C-base Hackerspace underneath Berlin 2323 -42 3737
C3MA This is the Village of the CCC Mannheim and friends. 1515 1010
C3pb Village des Chaostreffs Paderborn / subraum 1515 1414
C4fd an upcoming group of hackers from fulda / de and surrounding villages. 88 -10 44
CCCFr CCC Freiburg and Friends 66 55
CampSwarm Five People from US, Ireland, Romania, East- and West-Germany 55 22
Campr0n TBD 22 -4 33
Chaosdorf Erfakreis Düsseldorf 1010 99
Chaosplatz We are a group of people form all over Germany. 1010 88
Chaostreff Heilbronn This is the Village of the ChaosTreff Heilbronn, the hangout for all people around the area of Heilbronn and some special friends. 1515 1010
CraggyIsland Hackers from the Republic of Ireland. 1111 77
Darksystem We are a loosely coupled group of computer enthusiasts of various flavours. 1515 -20 99
DasLabor Mitglieder und Freunde des Labor e.V. aus Bochum 2020 55
DataVillage Big, Small, Linked & Open Data related workshops (Capture, Analyse, Store, Search, Share) 22 33
DieFest Wir sind DieFest 99 55
Dreyeckland Freaks from the Regio Basilensis

Area42 has been forked into an more central village and into a decentral, quiet village.

The central one will be between HAM-Radio and ICMP Village, the fork will be take place at the Runway, same street as on the last camp but direct at/on the Runway. (caravan area)
1010 11
Dyne is a grassroot network of hackers developing free software since the year 2000, lowering hardware requirements to raise freedom of expression. 3131 -42 2626
Dystopia A space for people usually hanging out in or are somewhat related to people hanging out in #dystopia. 2323 1111
Entropolis The chaotic village provided by Entropia and our friends 3030 -40 3030
Eof Village Home of the !eof members. 2020 99
FAR We will be working on the hard- and software of our new sounding rocket, everybody is welcome to watch and/or help :) 44 00
FamilyVillage Village for families, that means people bringing kids. This village will be quiet at night and there will be kids around for other kids to play with. If somebody brings toys/games this will be great. Depending on the number of kids/adults we can organize some activities and watch the kids so the parents can have some time for themselves (no dropping off your kids though, everyone should help out) UPDATE: seems there are lots of hackers with kids now, updated the count of people 100100 3333
FlamingoVillage CCCHB 1515 55
FnordVillage Village of the Hackerspace fnordeingang. 88 -12 00
FoeBuD Village Das Dorf des FoeBuD 99 22
FoeBud Village Das Dorf des FoeBuD 99 22
Foobar Hackers from Upper Franconia - FO(rchheim) and BA(mberg) 1010 88
Fpletzvillage A place for fpletz and other people from munich 2323 2121
Freedom-not-fear The village welcomes everybody who is interested in net politics and net activism, drinking beer or want to help with the freedom not fear demonstrations. 1010 -12 22
FrenchEmbassy A bunch of french guys coming from french hackerspaces (mostly the Electrolab) 2121 1616
Frog Village Bunch of nerds somehow connected to the FrOSCon. 1414 22
Frubar We are Frubar. 2020 -25 2222
FuWaR *nix, security & fun with hacking hardware.. 1212 -20 1616
Gaulois Village of french unrulyness 2020 -25 66
GeeksOnVacation mixed crowd of geeks from austria, germany, luxembourg 2020 99
Geraffelvillage a bunch of Veteran Nerds and some nasty setup @Project Flow Control 2011! 4242 1717
GramelsVillage gramels and friends BBQ and hang out Village (within the Family Village) 1717 44
H x^2 Hx2 (Hack Square) is a large square surrounded by tents for hackerspaces from the BeNeLux, the eth0 lounge, Awesome Retro, the Hardware Hacking Tent and the Binary voice and Signal radio studio. On the square we find tables with benches and sunshades. In the middle are a number of professional barbeques, for use by all the participants. 6060 2222
HamVillage Amateur/Ham Radio related Village 3030 -42 1010
HansHansHans Belgian hackerspaces village, representing Hsbxl (Brussels), Whitespace (Ghent) and Voidwarranties (Antwerp). The name of the village originated during Hacker Jeopardy at HAR 2009 where one of our members, Hans, succeeded in guessing answers before the question was posed, and identifying an Italian power plug as "what are three men, on a ship, viewed from above". 20.520.5 00
Hardhackers Hardhackers private area. 44 -8 00
HoloVersum The HoloVersum is a Hamburg group of galactical hackers, musicians, DJs and holistic workers mainly consisting of Universum All Ton A, Dr. med Hans-Peter Greb aka Doc GoDo and HoloClaus. 1010 -12 00
IBeamer village This village is the location for the hx2 sponsored interactive video installation based on puredata and Kinect. 55 44
ICMPVillage Since there won't be an ICMP this year, we are at least going to be duly represented on the CCCamp with our own village! 3030 2727
Idiopolis An idiopolis is a city of idiots, where weirdness, creativity, freaks, connectivity and the quality of life combine to create dynamic local madness. In effect, idiopolis are cities where those who can choose where to hang out, choose to freak out. 44
InnovaLANd We're mostly involved in LAN party organization and especially the technical stuff behind those events. Our interests include beer, Unix/Linux, programming, electronics, microcontrollers, quadrocopters, photography, food and beer. 1212 22
Inter-Actief A group of buddies from Enschede, the Netherlands. 66 33
Italian Embassy From Italy we've been thinking to arrange like in past ccc 07 "The Italian Embassy" where we will be able to distribute porn-video of our premier Mr. Berlusconi, Italian Coffee and Italian Grappa! 6565 5151
Juelich Mülliway residents hacking juelich. 77 00
K3^3 (Kuolleiden koodereiden kylae) Finnish hackers from Finland. 99 22
KSER Warsaw hackerspace road trip destination 1515 66
KoRo Cognitive Robotics Group at HU Berlin 88 66
Labor23 The village of hackerspace labor23 from Wuerzburg 44 -7 00
LazyEvaluation we are mostly hamburg-based people, interested in various stuff. 1010 1010
Leictreonaceo From the Norther part of the Harz Mountains around Quedlinburg, if you are also from this area put your tent in our village. :D 55 44
LeiwandVille The relaxed village provided by the funny Austrians of Metalab, q/uintessenz, Realraum Graz, et al. and our friends from neighbouring countries 5050 -60 3030
London Hackspace Members and friends of London Hackspace. 2020 77
MicroRave Fine selection of electronic music and visual entertainment 1010 -20 77
Milliways a traditional village is milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe. Truly international. Intergalactical hichhikers welcome. 7070 55
Mononoke A group of hackers/coders/admins/slackers from the Netherlands. 1212 77
Moose Bunch of geeks sharing a story about moose (or possibly meese) 1010 -20 1111
Motodrone Motodrone Robotik Area 1010 -15 99
Mzwi The Mainzer from Wiesbaden. We are going to share infrastructure with the UAVP-NG-Village . 1010 -20 1313
N3rdNET Village We are some pupils from south Hesse 22 -4 33
NOP Three cycles of nothingness 1212 88
NOPPIES Three cycles of nothingness 33 33
Neighbor Camp HoaP 7: Back To CCCamp! 6060 1616
Neighbourhood Nerds A friendly team from Karlsruhe. 1818 1919
Nerdalert Fan Village der Sendung NerdAlert beim FSK 2020 -25 22
Nerdhero Village that is going to change the world 6.56.5 44
NerdsRunningWild village of ctdo 1515 11 renegaten aus Kein Drama. Kommt Kuscheln. 77 00
NoiseTown NoiseBridge San Francisco and friends, enemies, frenemies, friends with benefits, frenemies with frenefits, etc. Note CCCamp11 location is across the street from Cbase at Hubble and Gagarinstrasse 1010 -15 99
Norwegian Embassy All viking hackers are welcome here. People from LinuxBrigaden, Hackeriet, Linpro, Sykehuspartner, 1KB, and a few more :) 1010 -15 88
Npbx-fsa-village The village welcomes everybody who is interested in net politics and net activism, drinking beer or want to help with the freedom not fear demonstrations. 1010 -12 00
OWASP Open Web Application Security Project 1010 00
OpenLeaks OpenLeaks village


presentations, workshops, party.

more detail coming with our presentation on Wednesday.
1010 11
PTScientists Hell yeah, it's rocket science! We are tirelessly working on a mission to the moon and will showcase our rovers here. 2020 88
Pentagon <<</>>, Home of Penta* 1515 -25 1616
Planetcyborg We are living the dream of the creation of a planet full of living technology, full of digital networking in a internet dominated world. 1010 -15 1212
Poutine Village A village for everybody that feel like stuffing fries, metled cheese and gravy in their mouth is a healthy life choice. 1010 33
Progressbar Slovak hackerspace from Bratislava 1919 00
Quadrature La Quadrature du Net supporters and friends. Activists and citizens from all around the world caring about online freedoms, campaigning and hacking legislative process. A place to talk about saving the Internet from its evil corporate and political predators, and to chill out. Friends of Telecomix. Full of Datalove <3 2525 -30 1818
RFIDvillage Passive & Active RFID and related Hardware Hacking & Workshops 1010 -15 55
RadioVillage The radio village will gather people experimenting with wireless radio technologies. This mostly includes GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G but also includes TETRA. 1515 1818
RaumZeitLabor A space to hang out. Spent time with friends. Use crazy lab equipment. 3030 1010
Ruby Village The Rubyists' home. 2020 -30 1717
Sheldonopolis A group of buddies from bavaria. 33 44
Simcity Those silly Upperaustrians (Linz & Steyr)... 55 -7 33
Sleepy Forrest Open village for lost souls. Welcome and bring beer. 33 33
Spline Hackerspace / linux project / whatever at CS at Freie Universität Berlin. 88 -15 77
Stuttgart 42 shackspace - stuttgart hackerspace on the go! :) 1515 99
Sublab sublab is a Hackerspace in Leipzig. 1010 22
Telecomix The homevillage of the Telecomix jellyfishy agents and datalove for the future. 3030 2323
Tetalab French people from Tetalab - Toulouse, France 88 22
The Danish Embassy Camp with hackers from the Danish hackerspace 1212 1212
The anarchist village people Village for the anarchists of the world 2020 66
Tkkrlab hackerspace Tkkrlab from Enschede/Netherlands 55 33
Trathira for all Gropagas 55 -15 99
Trockendock From the folks who brought you the Congress Lounge since 2007 comes a beautiful glade between two shelters - Trockendock. All things audio shall live here. 1010 33
Truck village A village for big stuff, office containers, mobile hack centers, emergency datacenters, Trucks, camper vans. 88 33
Tugas This is intended as a meeting point so that portuguese speaking people can find each other. 55 22
UAVP-NG-Village Developers and Users of the UAVP-NG Multicopter 1010 -20 1010
V01d mixed village of international hackers, workshop area and a hackathon

more coming soon

(placed between yellow net, airplane and fence, as seen during field day)
3030 00
VoidVillage A place for various people from around the globe 2323 00
W00tstock the hackerhippies will have a village. There will be a pool and a golden statue of st. squirrel. More to come once we are disorganized. Photo @ 2323 22
WilberVille GIMP hackers and associated life forms base camp 55 -15 55


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