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There are several ways contact and stay in touch with the organizers and participants of the camp.

Media Team
Members of the press and people with questions concerning the press or pr, please contact our media team or call 0700 24267366 for the chaos phone.
Orga Crew
If you have any questions about the general organization
Conference Committee
For questions about the conference program or other content/cfp-related stuff
If you want to become a volunteer at the Camp and have questions or comments, send a mail to The people on this mailing list can probably answer most of your questions or refer you to someone who can.
Camp Announce Mailing List
Every now and then the camp orga will make announcements of general interest on the camp-announce mailing list. Please subscribe to that list by sending a mail to (read only)
Camp Discussion Mailing List
For all sorts of public discussions and questions that a lot of people might be interested in there's the address. Subscribe to it by sending a mail to Every subscriber may post. (Every subscriber may post.)
We will reply to direct messages as we see fit. Please use the hashtag #cccamp11 if you tweet about the Camp yourself.
Don't forget that you can use this wiki to get in touch with other participants. Some people of the Orga Crew also follow the Recent Changes to see what's up.
The official channel is #camp on
There are other channels on some different networks as well. See IRC.
The Earth
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