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Wir sind DieFest http://www.diefest.de/
Contact Ranzbak
DECT FEST (3378)
Population 9
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Citizens Geekabit, Ranzbak, The jinx, WinSCaP (4)

Manily Limburgian nerd/fun crew, please say alaaf when walking by.

And don't forget to say houdoe when you are leaving.

How does Defeest know what apple is?

In westfahlen born and raised, behind the computer is where I spent most of my days.

Minimizing, maxing, relaxing all cool and debugging some code outside of school.

When a couple of geeks, they were up to no good, started making trouble in my nethood.

I got in one little DOS and my mom said FIN, she said you are moving with these guys in deFEEST.



Name Auto # Arrival Departures DECT
The_jinxAuto 1Sunday 7thSunday 14th6581
RanzbakAuto 1Sunday 7thSunday 14th6510
WinSCaPAuto 2Sunday 7thSunday 14th6486
CinderAuto 2Sunday 7thSunday 14th
PokonAuto 3Wednesday 10thSunday 14th3668
RemiAuto 4Wednesday 10thSunday 14th3667
SmuntAuto 4Wednesday 10thSunday 14th
StelAuto 4Wednesday 10thSunday 14th6336
Blauw KeverFiets 1 4rd 16th6855
GeekabitkampeerbusTuesday 9thMonday 15th3660

Tent ideas

  • It is going to rain, and that makes us sad, also the fridge cannot be placed on the ground, therefor I would like to interest you in an IKEA Lack table (Lackrack enterprise) €16,95 This product can me disassembled for storage and future use. Smunt has one, will be taken to CCC
  • Find a German second hand site or free to pick up, and score a couch that can be burned later.


Day Actions
Sunday 7thClaim territory / Personal Tents
Monday 8thMove in some big goods?
Tuesday 9th
Wednesday 10thAll hell breaks loose / Party
Thursday 11thHave Fun ... Oh wait we would have started with that on Sunday :)
Friday 12thParty some more
Saturday 13thparty and party
Sunday 14thEOP


(From HAR2009 planning)

We plan to buy/pay for the following together:

  • Rent (mini)van to transport some big-stuff
  • Groceries
    • Food/drink/snacks
    • BBQ stuff
    • Beer
  • Anything else the we as a group find affordable

Donations are welcome and necessary at http://defeest.nl/drupal/content/donaties



Geografisch overzicht supermarkten



An der B 167


  • Groot, heeft veel, ook witgoed en kleding etc



Schloßgutsiedlung 1


  • Bier?



Maxbahr.de Kupferhammerweg 9, 16225 Eberswalde, Germany


Pokon will bring the goods from https://www.defeest.nl/drupal/content/inventory

Who takes what

Nerd stuff

Name Thing Note
BugBlueHaspelLengte ?
BugBlue24x100 + 2x 1G
Remi100m UTP
RemiVia C7
PokonHaspelLengte 20m
Pokonoud hoer pc'tje met tft
Pokonoprolbaar toetsenbord
PokonAnaloog modem
RemiLaatste paar Linux journal's

F00d related

Name Thing Note
The Jinx3pits + 1pits kooktoestelstaan klaar
RemiWokpan / 1pits kooktoestel/ Grilplaat
PokonStorageSee Inventory
PokonKoelkastSee Inventory
SmuntPartygrill / Grote pastapan / + 3 kleinere pannen / Wok


Name Thing Note
WinSCaPLaptec 4.1 set (indien niet overtroffen)Geen idee waar die is...
WinSCaPLuchtbed pomp electisch
RanzbakLuchtbed pomp voet
RemiKerst CDs
RemiBinary Voice T / HAR Security pet
RemiSpeakersals vervanging voor WinSCaP
PokonBinary Voice T / HAR Security pet
WinSCaPBinary Voice T / HAR Security pet
stel2x stoelen????
PokonPE Dekkleed 8 x 10m
PokonVerlengsnoer 20m 2x1,0mm2 oranjeVoor Ranzbak
smuntIKEA Lack table

Still missing

Thing Note
BierBuy in .de
TL buisBuy in .de
2 PartytentsDepends on tent choice
webcams????nog te bepalen paycam idee
Pallet voor de koelkastof iets anders aan vloer
lange stok als steun pilaar in het midden van de 4 party tenten??? > 3m lijkt me

What everyone brings for themselves

Thing Note
tent for sleeping

Don't bring

Thing Note
Vrouwen... je weet wel waarom
KatoenplantagesNiet nodig, geen vrouwen.
RookmelderAnne Jan zijn nachtmerrie - zit al in overnight shipping.
CondoomsGroot, onhandig in vervoer
FietsDie breng je niet naar Duitsland
The Earth
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