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The village welcomes everybody who does not like to be suspected by government without any cause. Everybody, who is not a follower of that "our data are safe"-religion is heartly welcome, too.
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Population 10-12
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This year the village of the "AK Vorrat" (german working group on data retention) will be included in the Freedom not fear village.


Our main topics this year will be:

  • fight against telecommunication of data retention in europe and in Germany
  • the coming protests in brussels "freedom not fear" (September)
  • postcard-campaigns againgst pnr (passenger name records) and data retention
  • setting up a group or campaign in order to prohibit the collection and storage of not non-inevitable data at all

Concentrated informations about meetings and projects and the page of the Freedom not fear village.

More informations/material/flyer of the AK Vorrat in english language

Flyers/brochures from the AK Vorrat:

Flyers provided by the local group Hanover of AK Vorrat:

Much more in german language find here and here.

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