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a traditional village is milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe. Truly international. Intergalactical hichhikers welcome.
Population 70
Projects Badge Hacking, ChaosVPN, EBrainPool, Hackint
Workshops Beer Brewing Workshop, ChaosVPN, EBrainPool, Shardy+
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Citizens Basti2342, Erle, Guus,, Okkie, Openfly, Shardy, Ssc, Topcat (9)



Milliways wiki:

Planning is happening there.


Please see here:

Latest update were around 70 ppl.

As fancy list with all citizens with the Template:Person on their user page:

Name DECT Arrival Departure
Erle 2455783.510 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Guus 2455781.58 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011 2337 2455778.55 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011
Okkie DOOD
Openfly 2455782.59 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Shardy 4141 2455783.510 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Ssc 2455779.56 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011
Topcat 2455783.510 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011



We will work together with all camp participants on the Badge Hacking, ChaosVPN, EBrainPool, Hackint.


  • Please create an own page for each workshop. Otherwise the tables will be screwed up and
Website Title Description Date and Time
Beer Brewing Workshop Beer Brewing Workshop We will be tasting the homebrew brought. If everything works out, we'll also be brewing right on the camp site. 2455784.2510 August 2011 18:00:00
ChaosVPN ChaosVPN If you want to join the ChaosVPN this is the Workshop to be in 2455785.083333311 August 2011 14:00:00
EBrainPool eBrainPool Intro & Demo of eBrainPool, Installation & Usage, Discussions for future directions, If your interested in anything related to MESH networking & distributed software usage, come help us make a real MESH of things :) 2455786.083333312 August 2011 14:00:00
Shardy+ shardy+ certification i don't know when it's actually going to be, this will be updated. it's the shardy+ certification, the best certification in the field of computer security. also the only certification with a two drink minimum. 2455786.416666712 August 2011 22:00:00


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