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Motodrone Robotik Area
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Population 10-15
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Citizens D3vl1n, Deadfalkon, Flixr, Helge, Hoppel, Jamiro, KeyOz, Nebukad, Oschn0r (9)


What is the motodrone?

The motodrone is a club which hosts a challenge for flying robotics. Last three years we had a lot of fun with quadrocopters, at the same place like the CCCamp, Finowfurt.

Now it is time to improve the challenge. This year we want more robotics. We invite you to present your robot. No matter what kind of robot you have, we have enough space in our tent that you can show your bot.


Here are the Challenges:

  • Fly a Slalom
  • Landing on some Mate Boxes
  • Showing the actual state of autonomous flying development

Start Time: 10:00am, Sunday at the Motodrone tent

Win a real life camp flight and 100€.

Air Photos

Take a look from a other side to the camp:

Drive an RC Car via FPV

FPV means First Person View. We put a camera onboard which is wireless connect to a Monitor or video goggles.


Yes, of course we have quadrocopters. We also handle the administrative decision for flights with Finowfurt and the tower. We plan to fly with FPV and beam the Live in-flight video to a Wall. So everybody can see from the perspective of the flying model aircraft. We plan to fly at day and at night.


A lot of different gadgets, like the xbeat robots and funny LED light installations is what we do (Hoppel/KeyOz)

A quadrocopter hardware project, which will be present with two different designs (centralised CPLD based and distributed approach) (Helge)

Another famous quadrocopter project with extensive hardware available - some mikrokopter based quadrocopters should also be around (external)

OpenPilot is an Open Source autopilot platform for small UAVs. OpenPilot is a non-profit project that aims to make UAV technology more affordable for research purposes and humanitarian causes whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

A free and open-source hardware and software UAV project that has been around for quite a while already. We also have an early prototype of a quadshot (mix beween a flying wing and a quadrocopter) here.


Name Arrival Date
D3vl1n 2455783.510 August 2011
Deadfalkon 2455781.58 August 2011
Flixr 2455783.510 August 2011
Helge 2455781.58 August 2011
Hoppel 2455781.58 August 2011
Jamiro 2455783.510 August 2011
KeyOz 2455781.58 August 2011
Nebukad 2455784.511 August 2011
Oschn0r 2455783.510 August 2011



* 5x10m tent. 
* 2x big fridge
* 1x heatplate
* coffee maker
* 1x 16A-Distributer

What we need

We need Network and Lightning-Stuff for the tent. (A switch, 16 ports or more (gigabit-uplink if possible)).


* 24xport network switch
* Powerline
* Camping Table
* solder unit
* nework cable >10m
* lockpicking tools
* old mikrokopter V1.0 ;-) 
* geocaching stuff 
* logic analyzer 
* atmega development boards / breadboard stuff 
* 12V Power Supply 
* build spotlight / Led Light 


* soldering iron
* light stuff
* small switch
* power cables and distributor
* Network cables
* Camping Table
* and much more


* 2x PAR 64 RGB LED
* 3x LED RGB tubes
* 24x port network switch 10/100 (with four gigabit uplinks)
* Starterset network cable (20m, 10m, 5m), distributor
* 1x HP 2015 s/w networkprinter (with JetDirect NIC)
* 2x awesome camping chairs
* 1x Canopus ADV110 video grabber Firewire (analog/digital in/out)
* 1x small video handycam
* 1x VX1000 PAL
* 1x Pavillon
* 1x Mikrotik RB1200 Router with 10 Gigabit Ports
* 100m Cat7 Cable with connectors
* me


* Cool Lightning stuff (Fnordlights, LED-Flares. BlinkM Power)
* 16A / 400V Powerline
* Webcam @ Dockstar
* Open Workbench Logic Sniffer
* small sound system


* Beamer
* Soldering Iron etc.
* USB Oscilloscope (and some more stuff for "engineering first aid")


Take a look at this table: RC-Frequencies


* motodrone ftp 
* TentCam


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