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Passive & Active RFID and related Hardware Hacking & Workshops
Contact Milosch Meriac, milosch@openbeacon.de
Population 10-15
Projects Minecraft Server
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Citizens AdlerTimbo, Brita, MetaV, Milosch (4)


RFID Hacking Village

This village is the home of RFID and related hardware hacking projects - meet the people behind projects like SocioPatterns.org, OpenPCD.org, OpenBeacon.org and OpenPICC.org. Build your own RFID sniffer/emulator, learn how to use it and attend one of our workshops to learn about real-world RFID technology. You can find us in front of the Baikonur shelter entrance on the other side of the road.



  • Hacking the new 32 bit Cortex M3 ARM based OpenPCD 2 reader/writer/emulator.
  • Coding for OpenPCD2 RFID Reader/Emulator/Sniffer
  • Hacking HID iCLASS Security


  • Hacking the new 32 bit Cortex M3 ARM based OpenBeacon tag. This re-design provides cool features like:
    • Proximity Sensing - who stands in front of me, who did I talk to yesterday? See SocioPatterns.org for more news on this exiting feature on how to reverse-engineer real world social networks with OpenBeacon hardware. We will present a new off-line mode for detecting social networks and locations without OpenBeacon reader infrastructure.
    • 3D Accelerometer - control stuff in real time and calculate your position
    • RGB-LED - blink in any colour you want
    • Micro USB interface - no programmer hardware needed: Flash the tag by copying your firmware on a simulated USB drive.
    • Open 32bit ARM gcc tool chain
    • 3V serial port and GPIOs for awesome hardware extensions


  • 36m2 OpenBeacon/OpenPCD tent with wooden floor, 7 tables and 18 chairs. Milosch will bring some soldering equipment and an oscilloscope.




Name Arrival Date
AdlerTimbo 2455782.59 August 2011
Brita 2455781.58 August 2011
MetaV 2455781.58 August 2011
Milosch 24557828 August 2011 12:00:00


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