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buddycloud Square
buddycloud is an open social network.

If you have questions about buddycloud or feel like doing some open social network hacking, drop in for afternoon coffee and a chat.

5PM: daily workshop to get you setup and running a buddycloud node.

DECT hotline: bcSq (92277)

Contact fahreruer / dirk@buddycloud.com
Population 10
Projects Buddycloud
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Citizens Astro, Dodo, Fahrertuer, Imaginator, Jonas, Koski, Mrflix (7)
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About buddycloud Square

buddycloud square is the hangout for anyone interested in open social network topics, and particularly buddycloud. The hackers behind buddycloud's open source codebase will chillaxing and hacking around the square. (they don't bite!)

Daily Workshops

We have also organised the daily hosting your own open social network workshop at 5PM in the hanger. Do try and attend that. By the end of the workshop you should have your own buddycloud node running based off the latest and greatest code from buddycloud github repository. If you have other questions about federation or can't get things working... come over.

buddycloud Square

At buddycloud square we're planning a daily dose of

  • buddycloud hacking
  • interop testing
  • workshops on federated social network topics

If you can't find us or want to know what's happening at our village: just call 2277

Federated Coffee Breaks

You need:

  • coffee mug
  • laptop
  • a domain and server

We'll have a reasonably good coffee machine doing unofficial duty behind the scenes. Bring your cup and a netbook, and we can help you setup buddycloud for your domain with a strong coffee on the side.


The planning for the village is done on the buddycloud CCC wiki

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