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Brmlab is hackerspace located in Prague.

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aneb "Prijeli borci z Prahy. w0e! :)"

who: Brmlab is one year old hackerspace located in Prague. We'd like to socialize with other visitors, talk about projects and so on.



Come to talk to us, come to socialize if you are interested in our projects, having plans to visit us in Prague or just come to talk about whatever you are interested. Our guys interested in GSM research are on the camp, we can show you our Laser Projector, electric microscope. Few of us are also interested in playing with r0ket badges. We are also connected to ChaosVPN and interested about its improvements. FrantiĊĦek Apfelbeck organising Food_Hacking_Base

Location: Brmlab (green army) tent is located behind Italian Embassy, near white Progressbar tent. We are having big logo visible from Jane Way.

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