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global overview

I try to locate my village on the Map but my village will not be in place? I work on my Form but i canĀ“t find a mistake in my village site. my village is twammtisch, maybe someone find the mistake, thx. Pascal

  • There was a limit on the number of villages on the map. Consider it fixed. (Until about every user on this wiki owns 3 to 4 villages). BugBlue

+1 thx for answering ;-)

is there a global overview with all villages in the area of the camp? --Onny 21:15, 12 May 2011 (CEST)

  • I added a dynamic map with place marks for all villages. Perhaps someone will layout a better looking map later on.

Can I bring my caravan (its a hack for itself) or does everybody has to live in a tent?

  • I am no official, but I didnt see any information that this is not okay - and when you watch the movie about the 2007 camp and also the photos, there are caravans everywhere, I bring mine too :) -- unsiged comment by Mpathy

Out of 6 people in our hackerspace 4 didnt recognize that there are more villages than those first displayed! Please make a workaround and put all the villages on one page instead this tiny "further results" button who doesnt make sense, the entries are not going into the millions.. ;) -- unsiged comment by Mpathy

It's a wiki, a semantic mediawiki to be precise. And there does exist some pretty nice documentation about the query formats. And yes, once you are logged in (which you all have done when commenting on this page) you can see the very nice 'edit' links around. There I fixed it. Hope it helps. Have a nice camp. -- BugBlue
You are right, I should have checked if I could change it by myself before I gave a +1. Sorry for that. Still there is no need to be so passive agessive. -- GnafGnaf
  • If I was in any way agressive I would not have fixed it for you :) However I don't write nice long letters in a page that normally contains some useful data. :) BugBlue
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