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homebuilt LED displays and other blinking electronic devices
Contact stefanBA
Population 5-10
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Citizens Arne, StefanBA (2)



We'd like to set up our 4x8m tent (near to POC/Eventphone, if possible) and decorate it with some of our LED displays. We will bring LEDs and other electronic parts to build new LED displays. We will also offer some kits and provide support for assembling them. We will explain/discuss how all the stuff works.


BlinkenArea was founded during Chaos Communication Camp 2003 by some Blinkenlights fans that had built small replicas of the Blinkenlights installations out of LEDs. Meanwhile BlinkenArea had also some bigger installation itself.


These kits will be available:

Picture Qty Name/Description Difficulty Price
Blplus.jpg 4 (+ 2 w/o LED board) BlinkenLEDs Plus

BlinkenLights clone with 144 LED display, can play movies from microcontroller flash, RS232 MCUF stream or SD card (compatible to Blinkstroem Advanced, supported file formats are BS2.BIN, BML and BLM). Also can output an MCUF stream so you can display the same on several BlinkenLEDs Plus kits with only one SD card, or you can use the BlinkenLEDs Plus as a Master to send a stream to Blinkstroems. PCB size: 160x100 mm (stack of 2 PCBs, all screws and bolts included). Kit includes a 256MB SD-Card and a power adapter (wide input voltage 100V-240V, European plug).
intermediate (lots of parts, but no SMD) 45 Eur (red or green LEDs)
MaxiBlink.jpg 16 MaxiBlink

Matrix consisting of 24 colourful LEDs displaying 1023 different patterns. This kit looks a bit like the front panel of a very old computer ;-). It uses a maximum length sequence shift register (no microcontroller). See project page for a video. Batteries not included, 3x AA needed.
easy 12 Eur
LED23.jpg 12 LED-23

The number "23" formed by 19 LEDs which display several animations. If you have an ATTiny11 programmer, you can change the animations. The kit contains 10 red and 10 yellow LEDs. Batteries not included, one 9V battery required.
easy 10 Eur
AKLM.jpg 4 AntiKippenLights-Mini

Small heart consisting of 18 red LEDs which displays several animations, some of which with fading. This version will fit into a matchbox. Kit includes a CR2032 button cell battery.
intermediate (SMD) 10 Eur
Bulb anim small.jpg 42 bulb: BlinkenArea ultimate1 logo board

BlinkenArea logo with 42 LEDs on a circuit board of 5x5cm. The orange LEDs display several animations using 16 brightness levels (gamma = 2.0). The kit includes a CR2032 button cell battery.

1 Some word starting with U was needed here.
intermediate (SMD) 10 Eur

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