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Part-Time Scientists
Hell yeah, it's rocket science! We are tirelessly working on a mission to the moon and will showcase our rovers here.
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Population 20
Projects PTS-Rover
Workshops PTS-Rocket
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Citizens 4rOs1s, Arl4223, Niklot, Oc2k1, Ptsphil, Vizzy, Xukashi, Ziegenberg (8)

The Part-Time Scientists



What? Who? When? Where? Notes
Strahlung im Weltall Karsten Becker Day 1 - 2011-08-10 16:30 Kourou
Wie finanziere ich eine Mondmission? (Funtalk) Robert Böhme Day 4 - 2011-08-13 16:30 Kourou

Projects / Workshops etc.

Website Title Description Date and Time
PTS-Rocket PTS - build and launch model rockets We will build some small and reusable model rockets and launch them. 2455784.041666710 August 2011 13:00:00


Project Description
PTS-Rover We will provide you with some R0s, our Rover mock-up for hardware and software hacking. They are equipped with an IR detection PCB and there are IR beacons that need to be detected. We also have Android Tablets and 3D Space navigators. The goal is to create the most awesome remote control for our rover!



Name Project DECT Arrival Departure
4rOs1s PTS-Rover 5278, 95278 2455780.57 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Arl4223 2206 2455783.510 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Niklot 2455783.510 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Oc2k1 2455782.59 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Ptsphil Part-Time Scientists 2455782.59 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Vizzy PTS-Rover
DECT 2248 GSM 92305 2455782.59 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011
Xukashi 2455782.59 August 2011 2455787.514 August 2011
Ziegenberg PTS-Rover 2455783.510 August 2011 2455784.511 August 2011



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|Project=PTS-Rover and/or PTS-Rocket
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