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Like each chaotic event the Chaos Communication Camp will not be possible without the help of many volunteers. You can be one of them. Lots of volunteer work needs to be done before, during and after the event.

Volunteering is actually a lot of fun. You will meet many interesting people, work with them learn a whole lot in the process and really take part in the event. Furthermore, we will provide a volunteers-only area with a small Hackcenter and some kind of never-ending breakfast. (Bring your own plate, soup/muesli bowl, cup and cutlery!) And of course you'll get a special volunteers appreciation thingy.

Becoming a Volunteer

If you're interested in helping out create a user page in the wiki and use the Form:Person to add information to it. Then …

Join a team
Have a look at the list of volunteer teams and see if you want to help in one of them. If you have any questions just contact the coordinator. Then add the name of the team to the template on your user page.
Just show up
Go to the angel area during the Camp and find the dispatcher. He coordinates the volunteers at the angel area and can help you to join.
Register with the Angel System at
If you know what you are doing sign up for shifts.
We also have #chaos-angel on IRCnet

Things to Remember

Bring your own plate, soup/muesli bowl, cup and cutlery if you want to eat in the angel area.


There will be meetings to evenly distribute information.
Meetings will be daily at 20:00 during the event and during breakfast and after dinner during buildup.

List of Teams

If you want to help in one of the teams go to the team site to see what they are up to and how you can join them.

Team TeamDescription TeamCoordinator TeamContact
Archangels Arch Angels are the people who guide and take care of the Chaos Angels.
CERT This team is responsible for First-Aid and fireprevention during the camp. Oscar
CashDesk self explaining. keep the entrance and cash desk running Dodger DECT: 3634,
FlowControllers Following the Streams in IRC and Twitter martl, 2432 or MART
Food Foodangels are the people, who provide the Chaos Angels with food
Soup delivery service, Call 4 Food
Heralds Heralds are typically seen as the person who announces the speaker at the beginning of a talk. But the job neither begins nor end there … Nick Farr, 6425,
Infodesk Infodesk is your helper for all kind of questions downhill downhill
NOC The NOC operates the network at the Camp. prom / frapzzt frapzzt / prom
NOC-Helpdesk The NOC-Helpdesk is for all network questions you might have downhill downhill
Security This team is responsible for Security during the camp. HonkHase DECT 110 or 113
Strom The Team Power is responsible for the electric supply network to the enduser Engel []
WAy2oo0 SOUP delivery service, Call 4 Food WAy2oo0 CALL 7687 via GSM/SIP/DECT



Arch Angels are the people who guide and take care of the Chaos Angels, technically they are part of the Chaos Angels. Most of them are coordinating a team or "mainly responsible" for specific tasks, but of course you can contact any of them in case of any questions.

Username Team DECT DateArrival
Angels Archangels
Downhill Infodesk
3696 2455780.57 August 2011

The Earth
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