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NoiseBridge San Francisco and friends, enemies, frenemies, friends with benefits, frenemies with frenefits, etc.

Note CCCamp11 location is across the street from Cbase at Hubble and Gagarinstrasse

Contact EmbeddedLinuxGuy
Population 10-15
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Citizens Cosmosquared, EmbeddedLinuxGuy, Flyko, Maltman23, MetaV, Mfb, Mightyohm, Miloh, Nivoc, Rubin110 (10)



All citizens with the Template:Person on their user page:

Name Arrival Date
Cosmosquared 2455782.59 August 2011
EmbeddedLinuxGuy 2455782.59 August 2011
Flyko 2455778.55 August 2011
Maltman23 2455779.56 August 2011
MetaV 2455781.58 August 2011
Mfb 2455783.510 August 2011
Mightyohm 2455782.59 August 2011
Miloh 2455782.59 August 2011
Nivoc 2455782.59 August 2011
Rubin110 2455782.59 August 2011

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Corner of Hubble and Tereshkova. Across the street from Cbase. If you are having trouble finding us come to the hardware hacking area.


Telecom: tin cans and string.


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Workshops etc.

Mitch is organizing lots of workshops, all day and all night, every day of Camp, at the Hardware Hacking Tent in H_x^2

Pages in Category:Workshops:

Hacker Feud

Survey question is: Name something you might need to hack.

DING! "Your teacher's computer, to change your grades."

Alright! Survey says: DING! Number 3! "TEACHER'S/PRINCIPAL'S COMPUTER"! Excellent start! Second contestant?

"Um, your mom's Facebook page, to delete those old pictures of you pretending to be Aquaman in your underwear."

Hmm. OK, mother's Facebook page... survey says: BZZT! Sorry about that, contestant number two. Sounds like a personal problem.

The Earth
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