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/dev/camp +The village of Erfa Ulm, /dev/space and /dev/radio.


ACKspace +Village of hackerspace ACKspace
Ak-vorrat +The village welcomes everybody who does not like to be suspected by government without any cause. Everybody, who is not a follower of that "our data are safe"-religion is heartly welcome, too.
AquaVille +AquaVille is a nice and cozy International* village
Area42 +Swiss Chaos Village
Aussenstelle511 +village of c3h (leitstelle511). will be a part of the big milliways camp.
Avalon +Village of the people around projekt avalon
Awesome Retro Gaming Village +If you're into retro gaming you're at the right place. We welcome you to our dome of infinite retro games and entertainment. :) We're situated in the H_x^2 village, you can find us next to the giant Pacman.


Big Whoop +Village of CCC-Goettingen (Göttingen)
Bitcoin sofa +A sofa in the hardware hacking tent where one can discuss the topic of Bitcoin Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions.
Blackout Resilient Technologies Village +This village is for Blackout Resilient Tec This village is for Blackout Resilient Technologies such as infrastructure mesh networks for use when the 'normal' networking infrastructure or electricity is down or swiched off, such as after natural disasters or when regimes activate a 'kill switch' to shut off the internet or cellular network in an attempt to thwart the mobilization of opponents or activists. he mobilization of opponents or activists.
BlinkenArea +homebuilt LED displays and other blinking electronic devices
Brmlab +Brmlab is hackerspace located in Prague.
Buddycloud square +buddycloud is an open social network. If buddycloud is an open social network. If you have questions about buddycloud or feel like doing some open social network hacking, drop in for afternoon coffee and a chat. 5PM: daily workshop to get you setup and running a buddycloud node. DECT hotline: bcSq (92277) ddycloud node. DECT hotline: bcSq (92277)
BulgariaEmbassy +Bulgaria embassy. - ELWIX embedded systems - software, networks solutions and other hacks - other things ...
Bytewerk +The bytewerk is Ingolstadt's first hackerspace and also serves as a home for the local chaostreff,


C-base +Hackerspace underneath Berlin
C3MA +This is the Village of the CCC Mannheim and friends.
C3pb +Village des Chaostreffs Paderborn / subraum
C4fd +an upcoming group of hackers from fulda / de and surrounding villages.
CCCFr +CCC Freiburg and Friends
CampSwarm +Five People from US, Ireland, Romania, East- and West-Germany
Campr0n +TBD
Chaosdorf +Erfakreis Düsseldorf
Chaosplatz +We are a group of people form all over Germany.
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