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To cover the costs for organizing and run the camp, we have to ask for the following fees for participation:

Presale Camp site Comment
Standard Ticket is closed sold out
Up-and-coming Hackers is closed sold out born after Aug 10, 1993
Business Ticket is closed sold out good feeling and bill included
Supporter Ticket is closed good feeling included
- see notes -
Day Tickets -- 45 €
Night Tickets -- 20 € valid from 9 p.m.

More about Tickets

Day/Night Tickets
Day and Night Tickes are for visiting only. No tents or campers are allowed.
Up-and-coming Hackers.
Please bring a document to prove that you are under 18, that is born after August 10, 1993.
Business Ticket.
If you or your employer want to support our event please consider buying a business ticket. It is a convenient way to support us that allows for tax deduction and doesn't even require involvement of your company's marketing department.
Supporter Ticket.
Some people told us they would like to help finance this event by simply paying more for their ticket. So here is the supporter ticket. The given price for a ticket is 200 € - if you'd like to pay even more than that just order a normal supporter ticket and inform the presale team before you transfer the amount you see fit.
Children under the age of 12 (born after August 10, 1999) accompanied by an adult get in for free.
Disabled persons.
One person officially accompanying a disabled person gets in for free.
People who can't afford a ticket.
If you can't afford a ticket for the Camp, or if you know somebody who can't and should be there, please contact our friends team. Tell them who you are, how you're planning to contribute to the Camp, why you think that you can't afford the ticket, and how much you are able to pay. Chances are good, that we'll find a compromise.
Members of the press are asked to register with information about the publication they are writing for at press team. They will have to buy a ticket. See Press for more information.


is closed


Number of Tickets.
The camp site allows for about 3500 people to pitch their tents. So obviously this is the maximum number of tickets we can sell. For comparison: the Chaos Communication Camp 2007 had about 2300 participants and as far as we know Hacking at Random sold out at about 3000 tickets. At certain times we will let you know how many tickets are left.
When to arrive and when to leave.
You can help with the set-up and tear-down some days before and after the event. See Arrival and Departure for more information.
Paying at the camp site.
At the camp site we can only accept cash in denomination of up to 100 €. No credit cards or other plastic.
Each participant will receive a receipt upon request. Ask for it at the cash desk the moment you get your wrist strap.
Further Questions.
If you have further questions concerning the tickets please contact the orga crew.

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