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Fine selection of electronic music and visual entertainment
Contact AKW
Population 10-20
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Citizens Akw, MetaV, Msil, Reflex, T0m, Tenyen, Zygis (7)
MicroRave stage at HAR 2009

Funix is teaming up with MicroRave to bring audio/visual entertainment to the camp.


Noise warning

We choose our location based on recommendation from the organisers and will try to keep sensible noise levels. However, If you're looking for a quiet place to camp, please consider staying away from us :-)


Nexo sound system, DMX lights and a bad-ass laser.


Other than rocking the camp with good music, members of our crew are into *BSD Unix and recently found love for the Haiku operating system. If you don't know what Haiku is, give AKW a shout and he'll show you a nice demo. reflex will at some point be making some live fucked up music. If there are pressing issues that you'd like him to compose a song about, be sure to let him know.

We also brought a negative scanner, film development kit and will have a go at developing photos of the camp the old school way.


(putting the U in Crew)

Name DECT Arrival Departure
Akw 6423 (nice) 2455781.58 August 2011 2455789.516 August 2011
MetaV 2455781.58 August 2011 2455796.523 August 2011
Msil 96425 (micky) 2455782.59 August 2011 2455789.516 August 2011
Reflex 3277 (darq) 2455782.59 August 2011 2455789.516 August 2011
T0m () 2455782.59 August 2011 2455789.516 August 2011
Tenyen 4410, 4411, 91210 2455779.56 August 2011 2455794.521 August 2011
Zygis 2455782.59 August 2011 2455789.516 August 2011


The Earth
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