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Truck village
A village for big stuff, office containers, mobile hack centers, emergency datacenters, Trucks, camper vans.
Contact luja
Population 8
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Citizens Luja, MetaV (2)

This place will be the home of the hacktruck and other trucks, containers, mobile hackcenters, motorized racks and the like Bring your servers and lets have fun. We also do ham radio, so bring your field day van, mobile antenna masts and the like.



  • luja
  • ...

Generated List:

Name DECT Arrival Date Departure Date
Luja 2455780.57 August 2011 2455789.516 August 2011
MetaV 2455781.58 August 2011 2455796.523 August 2011


You bring your big stuff :)

Hacktruck provides:

  • lots of mechanical tools
  • basic electronics stuff (soldering, measurement, lab-supply)
  • swiss power outlets, swiss cable drum :-)
  • backup power (UPS)
  • some rack space
  • LAN-Switch (internal&external)
  • shortwave radio
  • local wlan if desired
  • Freezer 40L
  • Cooker
  • Fresh-Water, Kitchen Sink
  • Music (if desired)

HACKTRUCK is UTTERLY BROKEN  :-((( Clutch-Hydraulics are defective, so the truck can not drive exept for short distances in 2nd Gear. luja will put up a tent :-((


  • Hacktruck
  • ...

Generated List:

Workshops etc.

  • Any Suggestions ?!



office containers are welome, if allowed by camp organisatiors

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