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Das Labor
Mitglieder und Freunde des Labor e.V. aus Bochum
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Population 20
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Citizens Evilop, Ex, Kju, Pl4nkton, Relm (5)

Who tinkers is right

Regular talks and workshops The LABOR (german word for laboratory) serves as a place for creating a community: We develop and use free software. We solder, etch, program microcontrollers and tinker antennas – in short, our aim is making new and useful stuff by the creative use of technology. Our structures are completely dynamic, and what happens inside the LABOR depends on your input! You want to modify and enhance something? Try out some technology and learn and discuss about its possible uses? Or maybe just get to know people who are just like you, crazy about engineering? Don't hesitate to visit us and be part of it – the LABOR will evolve with you.

Learn the rules to know how to break them

Even more important than hardware and equipment are people who know how all these things work. The Labor has lectures, workshops and discussions about a broad range of technologies. Do not miss the chance to share your particular knowledge with an interested audience – the possibility of organizing and holding a talk is there virtually any time. If there currently is no event, people are tinkering, for themselves or in a team. Continuously sharing knowledge and having a friendly place to work at are the two things that drive everything at the LABOR, and which make it a home for everything that shows you how the world is ticking

The Earth
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