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Geraffel Village
Geraffel Village @Project Flow Control 2011
a bunch of Veteran Nerds and some nasty setup @Project Flow Control 2011!
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Population 42
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Citizens Byterazor, F4v0, Gramels, Hilfsbremser, Hinkhose, J0nn13, Jedi, M4nu, M4nu, Mic, Pope, SAm0815, Sirrus, Ths (14)


WTF is Geraffel

Geraffel (orig. russ.: "БзґѳЎЎэф") makes a lot of noise in the middle of the camp so you won't sleep at night.

for now check our for an idea what geraffel village was about @ HAR, or @ the last ccc camp... or have a look at *g*

The Geraffel Village drink

HonkHase & Toralv developed an official Geraffel village drink (Vodka, Fishermans friends and Lime). The first pre-alpha test was performed in self-experiments (which obviously failed... used too much of Fishermans friends). Special thanks also to all Geraffel members (such as Manu) and guests (such as Angels, Archangels, Projektleitung of the cccamp11) which did the alpha and beta experiments. The project will go on in the next two years and final results will be released at the camp 2013 in the Netherlands.

Official Geraffel themes

aka Geraffel Soundtrack, Geraffel Hymn



Geraffel Village Citizens


Special Guest:

Youngest Geraffel-Member:


Geraffel Orga

can be found here

Impressions of Project Flow Control 2011


yes baby

Live Music

maybe again like in the past

  • Electro meets Electro Guitar (featuring Mic & Mumpi)

And of course

  • HANDMADE LIVE Musik (mic featuring (a little bit) quicky)
  • electro (pope and guests)
Mic at HAR2009 live with Mumpi
DJ RevMoon @ HAR2009
Geraffel Village Resident DJ Pope @ HAR2009

Beernary Counter v1.0

Beernary Counter v1.0


We blew our two E-Voice-Eliminator Subwoofer Speakers with each 400W. So the name "Eliminator" became real.

I just looked out for recone-kits and unmounted the speakers. One speaker became a victim of my curiosity, so i removed the cone to see what really happend in it.

It really hurts to cut it all away, but nevertheless it had to be done:

Hot Coil in magnet

I really was afraidto rip up the thin wire, but with a bit patience i could unpull it complety off the magnet:

Hot Coil pulled out of magnet
Hot Coil

Well - the old parts are pretty feasibly for usage as an asian hat.....

Asiatische Kopfbedeckung

Memories of 2009

Geraffel at Night @HAR2009
Geraffel Infoscreen, linked to Beernary @HAR2009
B33rnary @ Geraffel @HAR2009
The Earth
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