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The HoloVersum is a Hamburg group of galactical hackers, musicians, DJs and holistic workers mainly consisting of Universum All Ton A, Dr. med Hans-Peter Greb aka Doc GoDo and HoloClaus.
Contact cc@ccc.de
Population 10-12
Workshops Ableton Live Workshop
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We plan to build a village with a lot of music, a galactical hologram show, a music production studio and Lightobjects. We will be doing workshops as well (GoDo, Holograms, Drums, Ableton Live). A nice party is planned with several DJs and musicians of the Hamburg and Berlin area.

  • Liebe HoloVersum Leute wir kommen auch aus Hamburg, haben einen Transporter und fahren am 6. von Hamburg zum Camp. Wenn wir was mitnehmen sollen Mailt bitte an snoerf@yahoo.com
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