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Radio Village
The radio village will gather people experimenting with wireless radio technologies. This mostly includes GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G but also includes TETRA.
Contact LaForge
Population 15
Workshops Open Location Estimation, SIMtrace Workshop, SIMtrace Workshop2
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Citizens Chriswrocpl, Daniel, Deadcyclo, Flyko, Horiz0n, Ipse, Jmho, Jolly, LittleTiga, Marylin, Mmwelder, Nldudok1, Shoragan, StefanSchmidt, Tnt, Wansti, Wishi (17)


The Radio Village

This page is about the radio village, where cellular radio technology nerds are hanging out and working on projects.

Please DO NOT discuss operational aspects of the Camp GSM network here. While the same people might be involved, this page really is not the place to discuss it.


Name Arrival Date
Chriswrocpl 2455783.510 August 2011
Daniel 2455781.58 August 2011
Deadcyclo 2455782.59 August 2011
Flyko 2455778.55 August 2011
Horiz0n 2455782.59 August 2011
Ipse 2455782.59 August 2011
Jmho 2455782.59 August 2011
Jolly 2455783.510 August 2011
LittleTiga 2455781.58 August 2011
Marylin 2455782.59 August 2011
Mmwelder 2455783.510 August 2011
Nldudok1 2455782.59 August 2011
Shoragan 2455781.58 August 2011
StefanSchmidt 2455781.58 August 2011
Tnt 2455782.59 August 2011
Wansti 2455782.59 August 2011
Wishi 2455782.59 August 2011



physical world

User:StefanSchmidt will bring

  • A large 40m^2 tent where we will put up our HQ. Individual sleeping tents will be located nearby.
  • Some benches and tables. (May need some more)

User:Jolly will bring

  • coffee maker / espresso machine

digital world (GSM)

User:LaForge will bring

  • plenty of GSM BTSs (exact models etc. not yet know, Ericsson RBS 2308, nanoBTS, BS-11 are all likely
  • a Cisco 2800 router with ITP (Internet Transfer Point) software
  • Linux PCs with E1 cards for A-bis, A and other protocols

User:Jolly will bring

  • OsmocomBB stuff to play with
  • Linux Server with E1 cards / S0 cards
  • Cisco 2948 / Cisco 3750
  • directional radio link / Mini-Link equipment

User:tnt will bring

  • OsmocomBB stuff
  • Various RF stuff, possibly USRP (I'll have to see what I have space for)

User:Nldudok1 will bring for demos, experiments, workshops and at the end of CCC for sale

  • Several OpenBTS desktop testing kits (U1DRFX-A1)
  • A whole bunch of USRPs and daughterboards
  • a kathrein GSM1800 duplexer
  • several GSM and other antenna's.

digital world (TETRA)

User:LaForge will bring

  • various TETRA handsets
  • USRP and OsmocomTETRA software as well as 400 MHz antennas
  • possibly some Motorola TETRA base radio equipment

User:tnt will bring

  • 2 * MTH800 TETRA handsets
  • Programming cable for those (but I would need a native windows laptop to use them tough)

User:horiz0n will bring

  • portable mast
  • wideband omni- & narrowband directional antennas
  • 80cm offset dish & L-band RHCP feed & LNA
  • 2x TETRA handsets
  • 1x USRP populated with 2x WBX
  • signal analysis software

Workshops etc.

Please use the Example Workshop to be in this fancy list:

Website Title Description Date and Time
Open Location Estimation Open Location Estimation Workshop Brainstorming workshop for the OpenLOC-project. We are creating an open, free, community sourced mobile location estimation system and we are here to brainstorm the future of the project and get in touch with our like-minded, and build a community. 2455786.12512 August 2011 15:00:00
SIMtrace Workshop Osmocom SIMtrace workshop 2455785.958333312 August 2011 11:00:00
SIMtrace Workshop2 Osmocom SIMtrace workshop How to use the Osmocom SIMtrace 2455786.958333313 August 2011 11:00:00


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