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The Heart of Gold.

In the beginning, the Universe was created. This was widely seen as a step of limited sustainability in its current implementation and thus, space hackers on board of the spaceship Heart of Gold began with the creation of a parallel universe, the hacker space. Four years after the Big Bang in the hacker space movement, this parallel universe was mostly completed. Using a semipermable membrane to link the two universes (which were now known as the “dual core”), hack-value was transfered to the parallel universe. The precious fluid substance that formed the hack-value was called “the Flow”. With the steady influx of Flow, the hacker space universe began to prosper and adopted the name “Fluid State”. Henceforth, the old universe was known as the “Solid State”. But a simple coexistence of Solid and Fluid State proved to be difficult and the old saying was heard being murmured again: “Who controls the Flow controls the Metaverse”...

Deprived of the Flow, the Solid State universe soon began to show signs of erosion and mechanical wear. Turbulences occurred that could be traced back to the growing instabilities; suddenly, everything happened at once. Thousands of diplomatic SubEtha calls were leaked by an unknown entity. Several desert planets saw revolutions and insurgencies. At this point, the powers that be in Solid State decided that they couldn't take it any longer. They called for an all-out attack on the hacker space parallel universe.

In a sinister plot dubbed “Project Osmosis”, the Flow was to be re-transfered and sucked from the Fluid State, destroying everything of hack-value. This is the menace we're currently faced with. The space hackers once again turn to their old allies in the Milky Way. The Heart of Gold will return to Earth. Your cooperation and help is needed.

Let's build Project Flow Control!

The Earth
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