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Village that is going to change the world
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Population 6.5
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Citizens Aliekens, Hansvi, Lucason4007, Mu (4)



Nerdhero village hosts a bunch of Belgians loosely connected to

We've attended a few events in Belgium & Holland and are eagerly looking forward to our first trip to CCC!

Crazy ideas

Here's some ideas for projects to do at the camp:

  • Build a green-laser-pointer tracker to track the ISS with LEGO.
  • Convince the NASA, ISS and HAM radio hackers at the camp to make contact between the camp and the ISS
  • Try to understand bitcoin and start mining
  • Papercraft Nyan Cat Automata
  • R0ket badge???

Probably none will get done.

Photos and videos

hansvi's photo's



  • Anthony will drive, Hans & Staf will come along. Probably go there on Monday or Tuesday during the day, leave on Monday morning.
  • Tim & Walle will drive on Tuesday evening, leaving at about ~18:00
  • Manu wants to drive and wants to take Dale along, but Dale ponders coming on Thursday because of too many holidays ...

What to bring

  • What our community needs (please indicate what you can bring)
    • Router & long UTP cable (Dale????)(Tim will bring a spindle of UTP... I think there is like 30 meters left)
    • UTP shizzle (Anthony brings Dale's)
    • Loooong extension cord (Anthony & Manu)(I'll bring one 2[Tim])
    • Stereophonic sound system (Manu)
    • Light for the tent (Manu brengt verstraler mee, is helemaal niet cozy, nog???)
    • Soldering and electronics kit (Walle?????)
    • Soldering station, multimeter, gaatjesprint, some components (hansvi)
    • Foldable tables (we have ordered 2 tables, which will not be enough) (hansvi can bring one)
    • Coffee machine & coffee (Tim will bring nespresso [and about 40 caps])
    • Elementary tools (pliers, duct tape, ...) (Staf wants to bring his toolbox, Anthony will make sure it's stuffed with essentials)
    • Fridge or "frigobox" (hansvi: my parents have a frigobox with a peltier - not extremely powerful)(I'll bring one like that too[Tim])
    • Fan (if it promises to be hot, Manu will bring one)
    • Trash bags (Manu)
    • Optionally, if some one has it, an electric BBQ (Manu brings a table grill)(I'll bring a mini gass grill[Tim])
    • Optionally: projector
    • Games (Anthony will bring Dominion Intrige)
    • Ashtray (Anthony)
    • Toilet paper (Anthony)
    • Welcome mat to keep dirt out of tent (Anthony)
    • Basic first aid kit (Anthony)
    • Fire extinguisher (bring your car's)<--- My car's has a last check date in 1999 :) [Tim]
    • Trolley (Manu)
    • Camping chairs (hansvi is looking for some)(Are there no chairs in the tent?[Tim])
    • Kitchen (anthony will supply this)
      • Kitchen table
      • 2 Electric stoves
      • Dish washing stuff
      • Pots (Tim, maar enkel wa gamellekes... Nie genoeg voor 6,5 man)
      • Cooking knifes, spoons, can opener
      • Water cooker
      • Oil, pepper, salt (And spicy stuff [Tim])
      • Molecular cooking tools
    • Hammer (tool of last resort)
  • What everyone should bring
    • your printed ticket
    • Cash!!!
    • Grub
      • ramen, minute soup, snacks (snickers etc)
      • sodas, beer, water
      • ss in previous years, we can go to a local supermarket and buy a bunch of supplies
    • Computer
    • UTP cable
    • Power strips
    • Micro USB cable (for your badge)
    • Headphones
    • Tent, sleeping bag, mattress, pyjamas, condoms
    • Toiletry & make-up
    • Clothes
    • Flashlight
    • DECT phone
    • Plate, spork, knife, cup, glass, ...
    • Drugs (as in medications against diarrhea, headaches, migraine, arthritis, extreme sex drive, ...)
    • Plenty cigarettes
    • Chargers and batteries
    • Swiss army knife
    • Insect repellant
    • Umbrella & rubber boots?
    • Swimming gear???

Ticket status

Lucason: Paid

Mu: Paid

Aliekens: Paid

Staf: does not need a ticket

Hansvi: Paid


Name Arrival Date Departure Date
Aliekens 2455781.58 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011
Hansvi 2455782.59 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011
Lucason4007 2455783.510 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011
Mu 2455783.510 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011


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