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Contact tim@orgizm.net
Population 15
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Citizens Averell, Deelkar, Ogollemon, Tim, Ummon (5)

About Flamingo Village

Flaming(o) Village II after defacement by an unknown person. In the foreground there is our nightly openend cocktailbar :)

In 2008 three members of the ccc bremen went to the ICMP4 located in M├╝nchsteinach. While building a custom tent of stuff from a nearby diy-store, some other guys from 'das labor' and 'projekt blinken-sisters' joined our small 'village'. A few days later someone came up with the idea of building a teelichtfeuer (fire of tealights). It turned out that one package of tealights (100 pcs) was not sufficient for a good fire. So the next day we got donations for some more tealights. The same evening, we built a fire of 1700 tealights wich was really impressive. This was the day, the Flaming-Village was born.

One year later at the HAR2009 there was the first officially named and planned Flaming-Village I. The Village consisted of 'das Labor' with an own big tent, ccc bremen with a selfmade tent, the blinken-sisters team from cologne, the Chaosplatz, and the Swabian Infopoint. The village was located in a small wood-area behind the BSD-Tent centered around a small hill. This time there were no more fires due to the very dry weather conditions. Also a lot more members of das labor and ccc bremen were present.

With respect to the wonderful time we all enjoyed at the ICMP4 and HAR there was the ICMP5 coming up next and the idea of building the Flaming-Village II. But this time with a slight different combination of members from the 'ccc bremen' and 'das labor'. Again we built a custom tent while the guys from chaos-platz/au├čenstelle511 were laughing at our construction. There were a lot of activities going on in our Village. We built PCB-Boards, a shoe-dryer out of lightbulbs and coded random stuff. We organized some cooking-sessions in the afternoon and a cocktailbar in the evening. One day or night(no one knows for sure) an unknown person defaced our tent from "Flaming Village" to "Flamingo Village". At this point the Flamingo Village was born. So we hope the weather at the camp 2011 will be fine for all flamingos that will come.


  • Etching and soldering pcb-boards
  • Programming C, Ruby, Python, ASM...
  • Mixing Cocktails
  • Cooking
  • Network related things
  • dn42 dns and whois improvment, dn42 bootstrapping (for new participants).
  • flying a weatherballoon with camera package
  • ...


  • Tim
  • Tixiv
  • Ingo
  • Crest
  • Zeltophil
  • Nick
  • henning
  • mrklumpen
  • rwb
  • Averell
  • arturh
  • Deelkar
  • jpa
  • Florian aka DrivenHoliday
  • Ogollemon
  • Bithopper
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