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Belgian hackerspaces village, representing Hsbxl (Brussels), Whitespace (Ghent) and Voidwarranties (Antwerp).

The name of the village originated during Hacker Jeopardy at HAR 2009 where one of our members, Hans, succeeded in guessing answers before the question was posed, and identifying an Italian power plug as "what are three men, on a ship, viewed from above".

Contact sandb
Population 20.5
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Amongst others,

  • Hans AsKarel
  • Hans fs111
  • HansHansHans
  • Hans Jaroslov
  • Hans _Ptr
  • Hans Christophe
  • Hans Tine
  • Hans Pascal
  • Hans Abe
  • Hans Ilias
  • Hans JeroenDeDauw
  • Hans Piet
  • Hans Juliana
  • Hans Koen
  • Hans Koenraad
  • Hans JobJ
  • Hans Ruben
  • Hans Guy

and other Hanses


We got a tent, fridge, tables, seats and other extreme rare stuff. We also got lights and stuff...

We have a stamp for your passport, so come on over!

If for some invalid reason you can't come, here is the stream from our tent:

plans & events

  • HackerSpaceFest 2011 brainstorm [1], day 3, +-20h


ip should be rooted

Here the challenge starts https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B9EK1jhoDO-DNzBhNjliNmItMDNkOS00NTU4LTllNjItMGQ5YTU1MzgxNTkx&hl=en_US The image has a purpose !!!

  • Tip ivm image = Demaratus
  • TIP ivm image: Stegj will help you further...
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