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"So here we are again to explain to you the general concept of the OpenLeaks project.


Online whistleblowing sites are springing up all around the world. The typical centralized, monolithic approach looks like this:

[3] drawing arrows

"One input, where documents are uploaded .... and one output where they are published." "In between submission and publication, are areas containing many highly specialized and work-intensive processes."

[4] drawing top left reception

"For example, an upload system that facilitates the receipt of documents; while also providing safeguards to better protect whistleblowers while using our infrastructure."

[5] drawing low left redactions

"Also, a system to clean uploads of traces that potentially identify the whistleblower, and to enable reviewers to verify the submitted material in a secure environment."

[6] drawing top right analysis

"Then there's publishing. For a document to have maximum impact, it will likely require analysis, along with preparation of a supporting article to put it into context."

[7] drawing low right publication platform

"For that, a publication platform is needed. One that shall _not_ be censorable... Again, not a trivial task."

[8] drawing legal

"Both of these ends have legal implications, which must also be considered."

[9] drawing doesn't work

"From our previous experience, we have learned that this approach does not scale very well, and contains some design flaws that corrupt the system on various levels." "To resolve this, let's assume"

[10] divide

"that we first divide those duties."

[11] openleaks and its tasks

"One half is the submission component, taking care of the secure handover of material and providing anonymization of the source. This is part of what we supply with OpenLeaks."

[12] partners and their tasks

"On the other half are the experts on content; those specialized in verification and publication, including ethical issues that may arise - NGOs, the media and various other groups of people." "These are our partners whom we help to develop an online whistleblowing presence."

[13] openleaks and its tasks once more

"This approach distributes responsibilities, control, as well as bottlenecks on either side; and decentralizes the whole approach. It also allows tasks to be completed by those who are most capable."

[14] when drawn

"To reiterate, the know-how and processes within the left half, as well as an interface to the right half, is what OpenLeaks provides."

[15] drawing tubes

"To make sure we don't end up with more bottlenecks, each of our partners will have its own incoming channel."

[16] first whistleblower, one line

"This way whistleblowers, informants and sources can pick organizations they trust, determining to whom they will submit."

[17] wider distribution

"They can also decide if and when organizations other than the original recipient will get access to the material ensuring it shall be worked on and eventually published in various forms." "This concept of source-directed flow and partner collaboration will, we hope, result in diverse news reportage and analysis among other action. In the best interest of the source, we hope to see multiple releases, as well as enhanced diversity and quality of any reports, through a wider spread of full original source material." [movie7]

[19] OL going into trichter (funnel?)

"All of what we do shall be built on solid ground. Our partners along with us, are spending time to research and condense the results into an extensive public knowledge base with respect to"

[20] tech

"technical best practices,"

[21] tech

"legal research and"

[20] orga

"organizational experiences" [movie8]

[21] OL logo "So thats basically what OpenLeaks is."

[23] knowledge base

"An organization researching digital whistle-blowing technology while building a solid and transparent basis for the subject matter,"

[24] partners

"in order to have a stable ground to work with the public and our partners towards more transparency for the world."

[25] independent


[26] transparent


[27] community

"Not for profit."

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