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Open Web Application Security Project
Contact Ralf, Martin
DECT GSM: 91500
Population 10
Projects OWASP
Workshops OWASP
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Open Web Application Security Project
Contact Ralf,Martin
Village OWASP

OWASP Workshop
OWASP in General, OWASP Top Ten (slides) and - of course - Hands on Fun with the WebGoat
Organizer OWASP
Contact GSM: 91500
DateTime Day 4 / Aug 13 @ 21:00
Duration 02:00
End 2011-08-13 23:00
Location OWASP

Please visit OWASP.org for all available "official" information.

OWASP Workshop on Saturday (Day 4) at 21:00

We will tell you some general information about OWASP and it's multiple projects, we will give you an introduction to the OWASP Top Ten (the 10 most common vulnerabilities / risks of web applications) and give you some hands-on fun with the WebGoat (a deliberately insecure web application for training purpose).

That all happens next to the OWASP tent, estimated duration: 2.0 h


OWASP BBQ on Saturday (Day 4) at 17:00

We got the equipment, we got the timeslot and WE GOT SIGNAL we will buy the stuff to throw on the grill.

Please sign in if you'd like to come. We just will organize as much food as is necessary for the amount of participants. We kindly ask you for a donation, otherwise we'd have to pay the food on our private expenses.

That happens also at the site of the OWASP tent, estimated duration: 4.0 h

Who want's to participate?

  • N3w4nd4
  • R<u>fus
  • Burny
  • Martin
  • mpathy
  • Jana
  • Tobias
  • Calenleya
  • CK
  • Florian (vegetarian)
  • Florian W.
  • Siggi
  • Team-Riverbed (Boss, Wally, Asok, Dilbert)
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