Frog Village

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Frog Villag
Bunch of nerds somehow connected to the FrOSCon.
Contact Duckattack
Population 14
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Citizens Duckattack, ScottyTM (2)

We are a bunch of people which are connected to the FrOSCon in any way. Orga members, helpers, attandees or just people who have heard of it. :) If you want to join, just cantact us. We just want to live, cook, hack and party together.


Name Projects DECT Arrival Departure
Duckattack Ente 2455779.56 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011
ScottyTM 3366 2455781.58 August 2011 2455788.515 August 2011



We will bring some soildering equipment and of course stuff for delicious cooking.

The Earth
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