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Description Retronetworking, BBS, Dialup
Members LaF0rge
Projects BBS Revival, Osmocom, Osmocom E1 USB Adapter
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Subassembly of Assembly:Vintage Computing
Tags retro, bbs, dialup, modem, telecom
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Location for self-organized sessions no
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Arrival and build up

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We are setting up a switched telephony network with analog POTS and ISDN lines. We'll connect a RAS (dial-up) server and will be running at least two differen BBSs into wich people can dial-up.

We will have a number of analog modems and ISDN TAs available, which people can borrow and attach to their own laptops (and our PBX). This way they can dial up to the BBSs from their own computers.

There will be some public (retro) Laptops around, with modems and terminal programs, for people who didn't bring their own computer or don't want to configure/attach them.

See for an intro into the what, how and why.

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