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Description Turn your (old) smartphone into a Hardware Password Manager! Authorizer emulates an HID keyboard over USB and enters your credentials on your target device. Additionally it supports OTP.
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Organized by Tejado
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Tags security, android, smartphone, mobile, password manager, otp, hid, password
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A Password Manager for Android with Auto-Type over USB and Bluetooth, OTP and much more.

The idea behind Authorizer is, to use old smartphones as a hardware password manager only. To avoid manual typing of long and complex passwords everytime you need them, Authorizer provides Auto-Type features over USB and Bluetooth. It pretends to be a keyboard (e.g. over an USB On-The-Go adapter) and with a button press inside the app, it will automatically type the password for you on your pc, laptop, tablet or other smartphone.

A release is available over github, f-droid or Google Play Store.

The project is searching for contributors ... to add features like two factor authentication (different standards), OpenPGP Smartcard emulation over NFC Host-based Card Emulation, and a lot of futher ideas.

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