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Description Open Source Mobile Communications
Has website
Organized by LaF0rge
Persons working on LaF0rge
Tags gsm, telecom, vintage
Located at assembly Assembly:Retronetworking / BBS-Revival
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The Osmocom project is an umbrella project regarding Open Source Mobile Communications. This includes software and tools implementing a variety of mobile communication standards, including GSM, DECT, TETRA and others.

Some of Osmocom projects (such as osmo-bts, osmo-bsc, osmo-msc, osmo-sgsn, osmo-ggsn, osmo-hnbw, osmo-stp, osmo-hlr, ...) are used to operate the CCC Event cellular networks (see GSM).

There's nothing specific to demo, but if you have general or specific questions about any of the Osmocom projects, feel free to visit for a chat.

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