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Contact 4623
Description HSBE is the yearly gathering of all Belgian hackerspaces in one assembly at Congress
Members C, Diac, Galgalesh, Qwaxys
Projects Continuous security testing
Self-organized Sessions Bypassing the Suprema BIOStar Fingerprint Access Control, Continuous Security Testing, How to (re)start a hackerspace, Jenever tasting (Belgian gins), Karaoke night, Why we need do-ocracy
Tags hacking, security, hardware hacking, beer, belgium
Provides stage yes
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Arrival and build up

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Please label everything you're bringing for the assembly with {Hackerspace} / {name}

Some fine Belgian beers. Come visit us at congress and share a beer with us.
Some of the Belgian jenevers. Join us for the Jenever tasting!


Registration at



About HSBE

HSBE isn't an existing physical hackerspace, it's the name we adopted for the yearly gathering of all Belgian hackerspaces in one assembly at Congress. If you want to learn more about the hackerspaces in Belgium, feel free to visit our homepage at or come visit the HSBE assembly at Congress and have a real Belgian beer with us.

Who brings what

(nick)name hackerspace item amount transport arranged
qwaxys Hackerspace.Gent dome 2.5 m radius 1 Yes
qwaxys Hackerspace.Gent black fabric roll 25 x 1.2m 1 Yes
qwaxys Hackerspace.Gent fire resistant repellent + spray bottle 6 liters Yes
qwaxys Hackerspace.Gent blacklight art panels 4 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent 16-port gigabit switch 1 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent blacklight lightbulbs 6 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent infrared lightbulbs 2 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent 10-channel relayboard (up to 240v) 1 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent HackRF One SDR 1 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent Wifi Pineapple 1 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent Rubber Ducky 2 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent DECT-phone 2 Yes
c Hackerspace.Gent Chimay bleue 8 yes
c Hackerspace.Gent Arduino Uno 3 yes
c Hackerspace.Gent 5M 5V RGB LED-strips 5 yes
c Hackerspace.Gent 70A 240V->5V Powersupply 1 yes
Diac Hackerspace.Gent Belgian beers (selection) 22 yes
Diac Hackerspace.Gent Coffee beans 3(bags) yes
Diac Hackerspace.Gent SiPEED MAIX RISC-V Board 1 yes
Diac Hackerspace.Gent Movidius AI platform 1 yes
Diac Hackerspace.Gent Some CortexM0 MCU Dev boards 1 yes
Diac Hackerspace.Gent Scope and basic gear for prototyping 1 yes

What we are still looking for

item amount
Gigabit switch as much as we can get
Big screens for wall displays as much as we can get
Ropes, ducktape and other materials for fixing things as much as we can get
Pi's as much as we can get
HDMI cables / HDMI to VGA+ VGA cable as much as we can get
Power extension / splitter cables as much as we can get
Microphone + stand + audiosystem 1
2.5" HDD/SSD for the server 8


Sofa's from the second hand store: -> Nice idea! But are there any rules about this? Can we just bring in sofa's? Yes. q has a van.

Project announcements

Will you be working on some project @ congress? Feel free to share some info here.

Transport and rooms

(nick)name City
(related to travel)
Arrival Departure Accomodation
Searching / offering / NA /...
Searching / offering / NA / ...
qwaxys Ghent 20/12/2019 03/01/2020 campervan; full campervan; full
Shibbl Ghent 20/12/2019 03/01/2020 campervan; full campervan; full
Thequux Ghent 16/12/2019 (ish; flexible) 30/12/2019 N/A Searching (arrival; not returning to Gent immediately)
Hans (Diac) Kortrijk 26/12/2019 30/12/2019 Campervan Campervan
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