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Description Open Source E1 (ISDN PRI) USB Adapter
Has website
Organized by LaF0rge
Persons working on LaF0rge
Tags telecom, retro, oshw
Located at assembly Assembly:Retronetworking / BBS-Revival
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Within the Osmocom community, we still every so often work with E1 (ISDN PRI) interfaces. They originate from ISDN, and are the only officiall standardized back-haul for GSM/GPRS base stations.

The problem is that it's harder and harder to interface E1 lines, as most PC interfaces are for PCI bus. As an E1 interface is nothing else but a full-duplex 2MBps interface, it's easy to transport over USB.

In Osmocom, we've been prototyping and developing different approaches on building such adapters, with the main focus being on

  • The uC approach: Atmel SAM4S attached to an E1 LIU
  • The FPGA approach: ICE40 with custom USB and E1 core, and integrated E1 PHY
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