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Description Providing Bildschirmtext to the 36c3
Has website
Organized by Casandro
Persons working on Casandro
Tags Bildschirmtext
Located at assembly Assembly:Vintage Computing
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We try to provide Bildschirmtext dialup via the phone number 0190. Bring your BTX-Terminal and connect it to the eventphone network either via a DECT to PSTN converter (distybox 300 or similar) or a SIP ATA.

You can also connect via TCP/IP at Port 20000.

If you don't have a terminal, you can get a soft client here: [1]

For more info, contact User:Casandro

An advertisement for the commercial version of this service: [2]

Page Number Page
*3603# Start page for the 36c3
*2# Horsenburger Teletext Art Gallery

If you want to have your own pages, contact User:Casandro. Ideally you provide URLs with the common teletext web editor hash format. They can be converted easily. (Separated graphics however will not work as it is not part of Bildschirmtext)