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Description Creating a Enerty Harvesting node for LoRaWAN
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Organized by Ablex
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Tags LoRaWAN, Energy Harvesting, TTN, Sensor
Located at assembly Assembly:The Things Freewaves
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We have created a energy harvesting node for LoRaWAN. It features a TI BQ25570 energy harvesting power supply and an AVR 328PB uC running Arduino to get started. Energy is stored in Supercaps or Li(Fe)Po batteries. Sensors can be connected via Grove sockets. As harvested power source 4V solar cells are used.

We can show how to configure a BQ25570 for different battery types or Supercaps and explain which other steps were taken to further lower the power consumption even more, simply by actively switching power supply lines to the sensors through CMOS transistors.

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