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Description Running a DoH/DoT/DNSCrypt resolver on the Congress
Has website dot dnscrypt
Organized by Ffmuc
Persons working on
Tags DoT, DoH, DNSCrypt
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We are providing encrypted DNS (DoT, DoH and DNCrypt) on Freifunk München and thought that people on the congress might be interested to experiment with a local resolver.

The local resolvers are available on this IP's:

 * 2001:67c:20a1:1176:a22b:b8ff:fe1f:5ac4


 * Port: 853


 * Port: 443
 * IPv4: sdns://AgcAAAAAAAAADTE1MS4yMTcuMTc4LjYADjM2YzMuZmZtdWMubmV0Ci9kbnMtcXVlcnk
 * IPv6: sdns://AgcAAAAAAAAAJjIwMDE6NjdjOjIwYTE6MTE3NjphMjJiOmI4ZmY6ZmUxZjo1YWM0AA4zNmMzLmZmbXVjLm5ldAovZG5zLXF1ZXJ5


 * Provider name:
 * Fingerprint: CFF2:7417:F89A:CB5B:EDEF:5CAC:FEEE:B062:83D2:AA8F:9B81:6525:8DE3:2BDD:98F7:76F2
 * Port: 8443
 * IPv4: sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAAEjE1MS4yMTcuMTc4LjY6ODQ0MyDP8nQX-JrLW-3vXKz-7rBig9Kqj5uBZSWN4yvdmPd28h4yLmRuc2NyeXB0LWNlcnQuMzZjMy5mZm11Yy5uZXQ
 * IPv6: sdns://AQcAAAAAAAAALVsyMDAxOjY3YzoyMGExOjExNzY6YTIyYjpiOGZmOmZlMWY6NWFjNF06ODQ0MyDP8nQX-JrLW-3vXKz-7rBig9Kqj5uBZSWN4yvdmPd28h4yLmRuc2NyeXB0LWNlcnQuMzZjMy5mZm11Yy5uZXQ

In case you are interested in some stats, you can have a look [at our stats page] .

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