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Description Creating an index of requirements for electronic voting systems
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Organized by Tramm
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Tags Electronic voting, System requirements, Policy comparison
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In policy discussions on electronic voting Estonia is now and then suggested as a success story and an example to follow. In countries like Switzerland and Norway systems have been piloted recently which follow some of the requirements set to such systems in Council of Europe recommendation on e-voting, OSCE/ODIHR observation handbook for new voting technologies, and in scientific literature on end to end auditable voting systems and comparison of such systems. However, the policy discussions on electronic voting tend to be rather obstructed and uninformed of the actual state of constitutional, technical, organizational, democratic and social requirements in countries these systems are used or tested. Having been a main public critic of electronic voting system in Estonia since 2015 and a former independent member of government working group on e-voting in the end of 2019 I have put together a list of requirements that a country should fulfill in order to properly use electronic voting as a voting channel. The goal of the project is to work on requirements that could be applied to any country introducing, testing, piloting or using electronic voting. The next thing would be to assess the actual state of the systems and aspects of the legal, technical, social etc environment, and to compare electronic voting systems in different countries using the criteria. I fully acknowledge that there might be actually no system in Europe (which has at least some standards like mentioned above) or world (for global context there is no proper standard AFAIK) now or in any foreseeable future that could fulfill the requirements needed, but clearly setting those requirements as netizens and publishing a comprehensive comparison index on countries would help to make policy discussions on e-voting much more meaningful (and maybe get rid of the argument about Estonia as a role model for countries that intend to introduce e-voting).


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