Projects:THC - Treasure Hunt Creator

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Description A tool to create treasure hunts as DApps on Ethereum
Has website
Organized by Sirnicolaz
Persons working on Sirnicolaz, TimDaub, Vrde
Tags ethereum, dapp, decentralized, game
Located at assembly Assembly:Social Dist0rtion Protocol
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THC is a framework whose purpose is to create treasure-hunt like games running on the Ethereum network. By complying to a currently undocumented specification, it's possible to generate a game where the player has to solve puzzles in order to progress the game.

Chapters are composed by markdown-written quests and passwords. The framework takes care of deploying the necessary smart contracts, generating the webpage and deploying all assets on IPFS.

A game generated with this framework will be tried for the first time at the 363C.

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