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Description A Tiny CircuitPython Prototyping Board
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Organized by Arturo182
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The Serpente boards are low-cost development boards designed to be used with Adafruit’s CircuitPython.

All three boards are virtually the same, except for the USB connector. The standard Serpente board contains a female USB Type-C connector, the Serpente Plug C contains a male USB Type-C connector, and the Serpente Plug uses the board itself as a Type-A USB plug.

If you are familiar with the Digispark boards, you may notice some similarities. This fact is of course not incidental, the Serpente boards are inspired by the Digispark, both in form-factor as well as use-cases. The Serpente boards are meant to be used as quick and dirty, yet flexible, prototyping tools.

You can order a Serpente board with delivery to Congress from here:

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